Operation Thanh.

My worst kept secret yet – for a while now, I decided to finally quit my current job and go for a nice long overdue vacation before my next job starting in April.

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Going off to Sri Lanka!

Yeah! Something to blog about! It’s been some while since I made any blog entries but there just hasn’t been any really important or completed to blog about at this point in time. Until now, I’ll be heading off to Sri Lanka today for a 2 week on site assignment. I hardly doubt I’ll have any time to do any photography but I’ll take any chances I can get. After all, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to go anywhere for free with such an economy for a while again.

While I’m not complaining but I have a lot of my own things to do rather than go onsite for an assignment. I have a number of personal photography project actually entering the last few phases and this trip delays their completion date but I have no choice since this is my paying job that funds everything so it take priority over everything else. Hopefully things will go smoothly onsite which is one of my biggest concern since the company started to cut back cost by not sending a senior engineer on site to train and monitor the junior engineer’s work and instead have opt to just throw us into the water and hope we swim…….shitty I know.