Carl Zeiss 35mm (f/2), 50mm (f/2) and 85mm (f/1.4)

As promised, here is a review for a set of lens I’ve owned since 2011.

I didn’t buy them in one go mind you, it all started like all things when I had some spare cash from a recent an oversea business trip and decided to reward myself with something nice.

Always been a suckered for Carl Zeiss – the brand of lens that supposedly took magically photos when used, enchanting everything it was used on with its grace and elegance. I had never own any Zeiss prior to this and decided to pick up a focal length I would used often.

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Cameras and battery life

One morning, I was out shooting with my Nikon fm3a, set to Aperture priority mode with a fast lens, on the first shot, the mirror went up, the shutter opened and stayed like that. Even when I knew from experience there was enough light to warrant a fast shutter time (at least 1/125).

This was troubling, but I quickly turned the knob on the shutter speed from ‘A’ to one of the fixed shutter speed and sure enough, the shutter and mirror closed normally. Upon setting it back to ‘A’ mode again and taking another photo, the camera performed as normal with no further incident

Over the next few days, this would happen on every first shot. I decided to investigate the problem.

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While watching a youtube video…

While watching a youtube video about the Fujifilm GF670 camera, I was suddenly taken back to the moment in Japan of December 2012; going off to the model shoot with CrossChannel. I think it was the mood portrayed by the youtube video that had triggered the memory.

It was sunny and windy, I still remember the smell of hot food coming from the nearest mini mart passing by, the sound of the train rumbling overhead could be heard. Japanese homes passing by as we rushed to the home studio for the model shoot.

The feeling was magically, for a moment, I felt as if I had travelled back in time. There I was there again, I could even feel the weight of my camera bag and the pain in my legs running.

There was a moment I wanted to feed the memory of what is to come in the following years into my younger self, letting him know of what is going to happen and how to avoid it. But it was memory and soon as we reached the home studio and opened the door, the memory ended and I found myself again sitting in front of my computer ¬†–¬†Watching a youtube video about the Fujifilm GF670.