Anime review – Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your lie in April)

It’s not often I would write a blog entry on an anime review – an old anime, but I just want to share my thoughts about this anime.

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Kodak Pro Image 100 – Street shooting in Jakarta.

It was a very interesting experiment shooting street photography using Pro Image 100 during my recent trip to Jakarta.

Used primarily consumer purposes – it’s cheap, and good exposure latitude but oddly not easily found anywhere. I use it for studio shooting due to it’s muted colours.

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Figure photography – Alter’s Asuka test plug suit and Kasugano Sora – black Chinese dress version

It has been a very long time for any figure photography. Not surprising with work taking me away from home, any time I have is spent handling urgent overdue tasks. With this, I hope to begin clearing the backlog that has steadily been building.

I am glad I don’t have a deadline for such small projects as they are more for distraction from the many things driving me up the wall. Not many shots for this shoot, but I thought it might be interesting to try to do something with the photos and hopefully brush up on my other skills in the process.

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Bangkok Motorshow April 2015

It has been at least 2 ~ 3 years since I last attended the Bangkok motorshow, to go again with friends of like mind was a joy! The one thing I love about the motorshow in Bangkok is that because they aren’t rule by religious fanatics who go crazy at the sight of anything remotely sexy, the show is a wonderful showcase of cars and booth babes!

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Happy Chinese New year! The year of the goat/sheep/ram!

Your argument is invalid.

Your argument is invalid.

Hi everyone and a Happy Chinese New Year! I’m again in Labuan and oddly, no screaming babies while on the flight. I did only come back on the 18th while everyone else had left on the 16th instead. Meaning clear skies all the way!

So what am I doing in Labuan? What I always do everytime, lying in the middle of the road stuffing my mouth with marshmallows (only a few of my friends will get this joke.)

Have a Happy Chinese New Year!