Enlarger issues

I decided it’s time to actually show some printouts instead of scanning the negatives directly.

I won’t be the first to admit it, but printing in the darkroom isn’t something I find easy to do. For me, it is like trying to enter a meditative state while walking blindfolded into a minefield, I need to calm my mind before hand. But there are occasions where the stars do align and printing  in the darkroom feel great.

This was one of those times.

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Maybe now and then we give it some thought especially if some event transpire that forces to face the topic we dread most – death.

Example, in the hospital for a surgical operation. Many people always have this inherent fear that once they go under the anesthetics, they won’t wake up again and tell themselves “Walk away from the light” over and over in their minds as they slowly succumb to the anesthetics.

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Happy Chinese New year! Year of the Monkey!

Once again I make the long journey home. After a very busy start to this year.

Already I’ve traveled to Hanoi followed by Jakarta back to back assignments. Right after coming back, I made the trip home to Silen –  err I mean Labuan. With barely 8 hours of sleep.

I am very tired right now so I’ll keep it short.

To all my Chinese friends, Happy Chinese New year! May the year be prosperous and wonderful!75ebe8a50523061f36f7d1a1a5a50f34

Happy new year 2016!

Hello 2016!

75ebe8a50523061f36f7d1a1a5a50f34We welcome you with open arms as we charge headlong leaving 2015 behind, because let’s be honest 2015 was a terrible year!

Sorry no recap for 2015 because there just wasn’t enough post in 2015 to even make one.

That is how bad 2015 was, but I do promise to have more posts in 2016.

Wishing everyone a better year – at least better than 2015 at the most (I’m beating on a dead horse here), one cannot be picky when one is in a bad situation.

This year is the year of the Monkey for those wondering.


Expressing thoughts and exposing idiocy, hypocrisy and corruption.

Whether it’s a blog, an open letter in the newspaper, facebook post or even a tweet, nothing garners more complaints from Asian governments than ones that tells or complains about the government – especially ones widely read by many.

There are more and more reports of Asian countries introducing laws to arrest bloggers or “facebookers”, tweeters or just about anyone who post an article online, for defamation or even sedition. The level to which they assigned the notoriety of the crime are increasing – equating the deed to committing espionage or treason.

Sooner or later, government will no doubt try and impose capital punishment for anything that are “seditious” in an effort to curb people from writing them. We are witnessing the birth of  – the thought police or 1984 as foretold by George Orwell.

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Another roll from Jakarta I missed.

Well to be honest, another roll I had not developed when I had returned from Jakarta. Sadly only one or two shots came out alright, everything else was crap – taken on a Sunday when Jakarta would close one of their main roads into the city converting it into one giant predasterian. It would start from 6am until 1pm.

Once the clock struck 1pm, traffic would be again open to cars and like migrating wilderbeast in Africa, cars would come streaming through the roads like nobody’s business especially for a Sunday afternoon.