Another reason why I love violent games!!!!

I am so getting this game!!! No more sneaking! It’s kill kill kill TIME!!!!

Metal Gear Rising! Another continuation of the Metal gear Solid game! Can’t wait for it!!!!

Well well well, it seems Google is being a cheapskate

0f0e76688a93e50ca8f74044d63c6a4cUse Their Work Free? Some Artists Say No to Google

“The first question I asked,” Mr. Taxali said in a recent interview, “is ‘What’s the fee?’”

Mr. Taxali said that when he was told Google would pay nothing, he declined.

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This reminds me of another incident as told by Harlan Ellison. It seem a lot of companies are trying to get free material with the promise of publicity. Bullshit I say!

This is how……

you look to me when you asked for a discount on a job I’ve completed for you……..whether its photography or computer related.

I AM NOT A DAMN TACO STAND! If you wanted something cheaper, then order the fries only! Don’t order steak and expect a discount! 
Hahahahahaha! I so love this clip! 

What happens when……..

When you combine a game like Call of Duty 4 with cute fuzzy animals along the bread base of an intriguing story line of Metal gear solid 4 with a dash of Pixer like CG?

You get something call Cat Shit one (in Japan but in the US it’s call Apocalypse Meow.)

This series is actually a pilot CG series to show case Japan’s current technical ability at CG or as I like to call it, “proof of ability”.