Working for exposure.

Call it – working for free – the holy grail of companies looking for a photographer meaning every company in this world.


Point explained by WTD.

I did an article about this article long ago, and the problem has gotten much worse since. A recent article on Petapixel here highlighted the practice is more or less being accepted as standard practice.

Check out the comments on all the links I posted, they are hilarious.

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The weekends are mine to decide


Many years ago working at a telecommunication company I learned to never tell anyone that you enjoy doing nothing on the weekends.

Because management took it as a sign to load ne with so much work that you would have to work on weekends so meet Monday deadlines. The reasoning, because you have nothing to do, can make you work on weekends.

But I needed to rest I pleaded with them, “you can rest after you are dead.” was their answer.

“Well then I’m going to hell because I quit!” I handed in my resignation and left. No wonder there was no permanent staff at this company and how they quickly hired anyone who applied right through the door.

Saturdays and Sundays are mine. What I do with them is none of your business. Even if I have nothing to do, it doesn’t mean you can load me with work and expect me to do work on it.

Although I am now busy on weekends, but it is on my own terms and not dictated by some middle management pinhead.

A weekend in Kenya again.

Hi everyone, I know I haven’t been blogging lately but I only recently found some time to finally do an entry about the April trip to Kenya. I still have heaps of backlog to work on, I’m trying to clear through the as fast as I can.

As I was in Kenya for 5 weeks instead of 3, it would be natural that I would again take this chance to visit some place especially the hectic week when we got there. Although it was a only a weekend but at least it was a fun one.

13th April 2013 

For today we only went around Nairobi for a nice walkabout with Stella and Dylan since Dylan was only here for a week for his part in the golive and would be actually going back later that day so we paid a visit around town and did some light shopping.

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Just another day at work when management fails.

To answers everyone’s question, yes I am back. I have been back since the 15th of May but because of the bucket load of work waiting for me, I hadn’t been able to blog about anything until now.

10th April 2013 :

When we arrived at the client’s site, we discovered it was a public holiday as their new elected president was being sworn in today. We thought we had caught a lucky break so we went back to the hotel to either work on the golive plan or rest. Though it was shortlived, we got a call from our client while it was a holiday but we were expected to come in and work with the skeleton crew there.

Finally now that we were there our worse fears were confirmed, in the six months since we had left, client had done no UAT  nor did they do any of the mandatory certifications with the other systems meaning none of the possible issues that would have been uncovered by UAT have yet to be fixed. Golive is only possible once the UAT had uncovered all the issues and client was comfortable with using the system, none of these conditions had been satisfied at all even though our PM had informed us everything was ready to go on client side.

They were neither comfortable or ready and we knew high hell there would be heaps of issues since this system was very new and because of cost cutting measures at our company, there was no QA done for this product and the PM instead relied on the client to help uncover them- sort of like how Microsoft got their customers to test their flagship product for free.

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