Happy Valentine’s day!


Nope, still single and alone. Enjoy yourself, I’m going to sleep zzzzzzzzzzz

Happy Chinese New year! Year of the Monkey!

Once again I make the long journey home. After a very busy start to this year.

Already I’ve traveled to Hanoi followed by Jakarta back to back assignments. Right after coming back, I made the trip home to Silen –  err I mean Labuan. With barely 8 hours of sleep.

I am very tired right now so I’ll keep it short.

To all my Chinese friends, Happy Chinese New year! May the year be prosperous and wonderful!75ebe8a50523061f36f7d1a1a5a50f34

Happy new year 2016!

Hello 2016!

75ebe8a50523061f36f7d1a1a5a50f34We welcome you with open arms as we charge headlong leaving 2015 behind, because let’s be honest 2015 was a terrible year!

Sorry no recap for 2015 because there just wasn’t enough post in 2015 to even make one.

That is how bad 2015 was, but I do promise to have more posts in 2016.

Wishing everyone a better year – at least better than 2015 at the most (I’m beating on a dead horse here), one cannot be picky when one is in a bad situation.

This year is the year of the Monkey for those wondering.


Happy Chinese New year! The year of the goat/sheep/ram!

Your argument is invalid.

Your argument is invalid.

Hi everyone and a Happy Chinese New Year! I’m again in Labuan and oddly, no screaming babies while on the flight. I did only come back on the 18th while everyone else had left on the 16th instead. Meaning clear skies all the way!

So what am I doing in Labuan? What I always do everytime, lying in the middle of the road stuffing my mouth with marshmallows (only a few of my friends will get this joke.)

Have a Happy Chinese New Year!

Drinking after work.

What is it with companies going out for drinks until the wee hours in the bloody morning? I rather be reading or sleeping at home than be out drinking beer for hours on end – especially on a week day. It just means coming into the office the next day hangover and feeling below peak.

But companies seems to think by taking their staff out for “drinks”, they be inclined to work more with less sleep. Managers think this “bonding” exercise with staff will make them work better together – yes, the only way to work harder is to drink beer senseless with people like some late night frat party, when has that ever worked?!

If you want to improve my productivity, first start off with better tools, better planning and not just keep using Henry Ford’s stupid quotes,

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.

If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.

To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success.

I swear if I hear another one from some nitwit manager who just reads off from some que card, I will strangle him or her with their own tie or bra respectively.

Whatever my view, I do know one thing – drinking excessively does not improve productivity or thinking – it’s a recipe for fucked up minds. I think it’s  a western management technique, it doesn’t translate very well here in Asia although a lot of Asian company try to emulate it. Let’s get it straight, it does not work especially with engineers who have to think to do their work!

Just look at companies like Google, facebook and Apple. They seem to have the right idea on treating employees – with respect, recognition, and reward. Just look at their vast levels of technical achievements when compared to other “old school” companies of the same size like Oracle, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Cameras and battery life

One morning, I was out shooting with my Nikon fm3a, set to Aperture priority mode with a fast lens, on the first shot, the mirror went up, the shutter opened and stayed like that. Even when I knew from experience there was enough light to warrant a fast shutter time (at least 1/125).

This was troubling, but I quickly turned the knob on the shutter speed from ‘A’ to one of the fixed shutter speed and sure enough, the shutter and mirror closed normally. Upon setting it back to ‘A’ mode again and taking another photo, the camera performed as normal with no further incident

Over the next few days, this would happen on every first shot. I decided to investigate the problem.

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