Happy Valentine’s day!

ee6108c01714033ad99581eb76f4b5b8Happy Valentine’s day! I’m up at 7am posting this because I had a horrible nightmare where I had to step out of the house today and go do some photography shooting at some village for an upcoming exhibition instead of being out with a girl. Oh wait, that is what is going to happen today. T_T to all my single friends who still don’t have girlfriend (none), please stay at home and play video games.

2012: The year in review……and we’re all still here alive.

I’m sorry for the late posting but I had only gotten back to Tokyo at 11am this morning and was bushed since I didn’t sleep the night before (more about that in my next blog entry). As mentioned before, I am shooting primarily film this time hence the lack of the updates from Japan so updates are fourth coming.

But before then

Happy New year 2013! We never thought you would get here (seriously, we didn’t think we make it pass 2012)

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Kenya: Journey to Nairobi

I must confess whenever the topic of Africa comes up, scenes of stereotypical slums, misery, abject poverty, and suffering enter my mind, a hopeless place. Devoid of …..err… hope?

For that, I blame hollywood.

So when the assignment to Africa came up, I was dreading the worse. To top it off, it wasn’t a short assignment like 1 to 2 weeks, it would be 5 weeks. More than one month of my life would be spent there, I have heard of the horror stories from my other co-workers who mentioned horrible infrastructures, no clean water, terrible sanitation and generally not safe.

The odd thing though, while I was thinking of all the worse case scenarios, my co-worker Stella was actually excited by the prospect of going there! She is what people would call a globetrotter. She has travelled from New Zealand to the outskirts of Vietnam. From the end of Tokyo Bay to the busy city of Seoul. She’s today’s modern age single girl who loves to travel. Whether with friends or going it alone, she has plans to go to India in November.

Personally, I think she’s just crazy……. But I digress, let us continue with the story of Kenya. Continue reading

Going off to Sri Lanka!

Yeah! Something to blog about! It’s been some while since I made any blog entries but there just hasn’t been any really important or completed to blog about at this point in time. Until now, I’ll be heading off to Sri Lanka today for a 2 week on site assignment. I hardly doubt I’ll have any time to do any photography but I’ll take any chances I can get. After all, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to go anywhere for free with such an economy for a while again.

While I’m not complaining but I have a lot of my own things to do rather than go onsite for an assignment. I have a number of personal photography project actually entering the last few phases and this trip delays their completion date but I have no choice since this is my paying job that funds everything so it take priority over everything else. Hopefully things will go smoothly onsite which is one of my biggest concern since the company started to cut back cost by not sending a senior engineer on site to train and monitor the junior engineer’s work and instead have opt to just throw us into the water and hope we swim…….shitty I know.