Kodak Portra 400 (KL, Cyprus and Prague)

It took me a while but I finally see why Portra is supposedly a good film to be scanned instead of printed. Contrast and saturation is pretty low so you definitely have to do some adjustment after scanning to get the results you want.

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Kodak Tri-x 400

Finally! I managed to find some time for myself to actually scan these in and start to upload them. Its been one busy month since I came back from Prague and the worse part is, it's not over yet. I have more work coming up and to compound the problems, my own personal projects are behind schedule!

Anyway, that is another story for another day. Right now I managed to trade some of my Neopan 400 for some Kodak Tri-x 400. I have heard many great things about Tri-x so I was excited to see how it works especially now that I have managed to fix the problems I was having with using Kodak HC-110 developer.

So what do I think of this famous B&W film? Read on, more after the break……

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More Fujifilm Neopan Presto 400

My previous development using Kodak HC110 had actually been incorrect because I had used the wrong dilution (1:7) while using the development time for the correct Dilution B (1:31) had yield incredibly thick negs resulting in VERY high contrast photos. This was pointed out to me in APUG when I asked what was I doing wrong. After much investigation, it was determine I had mistaken Stock solution (1:7)and working solution (1:31).

So lesson learned after many mistakes and ruin negs.

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1/7 Tosaka Rin “Unlimited Blade works” by Good Smile Company

I finally have time to do a proper review of this figure and I’m so glad I spent the whole day doing the photo shoot properly. For those wondering when did I get this figure, refer to here. This figure so far in my opinion is well worth the extra effort although I couldn’t find a good background to shoot with it.

A little background on how I came by this figure, when it was first announced for pre-order I gave it a pass because I knew the price would be well out of my range but then a Hobby Search offered a 20% discount for it and I leaped for it and the rest as they say is history! So how much did I really save? When compared to local price of RM400, after conversion to Ringgit from Yen, I got the figure at Rm350 inclusive of shipping! So yeah! I really am glad I did get this one!

Though I do find one thing odd, most PVC figures comes in the usual sizes of 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, and some even in 1/12 but 1/7? Whatever the reason, the important thing is GSC did the figure justice!

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