A night of many first times.

But I guess there are always a first for everything, even for me. So what has happened?

Well for starters, I have for the first time forgotten to actually make a post about me going this Kenya again this Sunday morning for another onsite assignment.

Secondly, my exhibition took place on Saturday night! It was a very tiring night, my brother and his wife came along with my sister as well, all of my friends at the print room were there of course. Even the head of the Japanese consulate was there with his wife! They were the first people to arrive and I had the honor of walking them through my exhibition. They simply loved it and even bought a copy of my book but a last, an urgent matter came up and he had to leave early before he gave his opening speech leaving it once again to Lilian to later on do that.

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And now, for an important announcement.

Hi Everyone,

As you may know, the last entry I made was back in October and I apologize for the lack of updates since. But here is what happen, the Vietnam assignment was really tough. There were problems from head to toe, systems failed, deadlines were looming. During that week there, I barely slept for more than 4 hours a day and when the system went live, all of us stayed up for more than 28 hours. It almost killed us but even then there were still problems but luckily those problems by now have been solved. I'll do another report about that sometime later but for now as mentioned I have an important announcement to make.

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Simply Beautiful photographs

Here is something different for a change. I picked this some a few weeks ago but only got around to reviewing today.

But of course anything by National Geographic is always good. I’ve been a big fan of their work as well as they contribution to charity as well as environmental work.

This is one of their latest coffee table photo books show casing another dazzling collection of photos from the archive chosen by Annie Griffihs. Each work is commented by her and credit is given to the photographer.

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Matsuhara Hidenori Illustration Works

Ever bought a book solely on the cover artwork? Sometimes the title sells it but most of the time its due to the artwork. (So why do Danielle steel novels sell so well every time a new title comes out?).

Selling on title and synopsis is always the best idea for written novels but when it comes with artbooks, cover artwork always sells!

Such as this one I picked up at at Kinokuniya KLCC which was going with 20% discount with another item.

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