Bon Odori 2009 Penang

You know I only go to bon odori for one reason, to indulge myself and hopefully for a brief while, to induced my mind to temporary escape the fact that the body that it is housed in is not trapped in Malaysia; and if that fails there’s always the wonderful joy of taking photos of cute girls in Kimono regardless whether they are real Japanese or local girls.
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I have returned!

The view in Penang fantastic especially from Auto-city!

Actually I’ve been back since Sunday but I only managed to find time now to post an entry.

I’ll be posting more shots later once I have managed to fully upload all of them.

This weekend……

I’ll be in Penang as the Super GT roadshow will be at autocity for one more show before the big race next weekend. Although my main purpose there is to clean out my apartment as there still a lot of stuff there which I could use some of it down here in KL.

I’ll be driving down Sunday night as I have an MCTS exam on Monday morning. -_-;; not one of my ideas on how to start off a Monday morning.

I don’t have high expectation for this road show but heck why not? I could use the day off on Friday to relax.