Happy Chinese New year! Year of the Monkey!

Once again I make the long journey home. After a very busy start to this year.

Already I’ve traveled to Hanoi followed by Jakarta back to back assignments. Right after coming back, I made the trip home to Silen –  err I mean Labuan. With barely 8 hours of sleep.

I am very tired right now so I’ll keep it short.

To all my Chinese friends, Happy Chinese New year! May the year be prosperous and wonderful!75ebe8a50523061f36f7d1a1a5a50f34

Happy Valentine’s day!

ee6108c01714033ad99581eb76f4b5b8Happy Valentine’s day! I’m up at 7am posting this because I had a horrible nightmare where I had to step out of the house today and go do some photography shooting at some village for an upcoming exhibition instead of being out with a girl. Oh wait, that is what is going to happen today. T_T to all my single friends who still don’t have girlfriend (none), please stay at home and play video games.

2014: A year in review

Wow! It has been a really fast year – Rough but fast like water rafting. Where do I start? Well, I won’t have much to cover as I made only a few blog entries.

January to April

I spent January essentially just planning for my month long trip to Vietnam and I have yet to post the blog entries about those (note to self: Make it a new years resolution.)

I did do an informal review for Kodak Proimage 100 I had used for the Still life exhibition over at the printroom KL recently had just a major update! So check out the website!

But I didn’t have to go back to Labuan for Chinese new year because of a medical situation – THANK GOD! Well not really – I still had to go back after CNY for a short visit.

After that I went off to Vietnam in Feb and came back in March – had a great time and made some friends along the way! And finished off a project I had thought not possible to complete when I left my old job.

But once I came back, it was return to the Ratrace once more when I started my new job.

May to August

Did nothing out of the ordinary, and so worked on my blog entry backlogs such as the tips, and gear review.

It was basically just that until Sept.

September to December

Between September and October, I left that job because I just didn’t fit in with the position. It would be my second attempt at trying my hand at the telecommunication industry and failing. Still I quickly found another job oddly more suited to my field.

Meanwhile I read about the demise of more slide film, prompting me to write this article about my time with slide

After I joined this new company, I was quickly sent off to Manila for training and barely after a week I came back, I was sent off to Jakarta for a month. It was a very tiring, but I have to say the project manager was on site with us and did a fantastic job of handling the client and managing the project timeline – it should also be noted, the project manager has many years of technical knowledge and not just some idiot who studied business in high school unlike that previous company.

While there, I had some battery problems with my FM3a which prompted this article about battery life.

My assignment ended in December and returning to KL, the assignments and work slowed down due to the end of the year. Decided to take some time off (Amazingly I had leave since I had just joined) and attended Comic Fiesta 2014 with Fuminari!

With that done, it comes as no surprise that 2014 is almost over, it was a fast and tiring one. Many things went wrong but some lead to better things and hopefully to greater things next year. I learned more about what I can do and what limits I need to overcome still.

2014, you have indeed been a painful year, but like a drill sergeant, you did it to make us tougher for the next one.

Good bye 2014, tell your other siblings I miss them, I’ll send your love to 2015! ^_^

PS: yeah this article was made in a hurry –  I should definitely spend more time writing articles in advance so I can really tarp them up before posting.

I have RETURNED!!!

Hi everyone! I’m back in Malaysia! It was a fun trip and definitely worth the time and effort to set it all up. Right now, I’m just resting from all the craziness I have been through.

For stats, I have shot 37 rolls of Kodak Portra and 15 rolls of Ilford HP5+. I’ve already sent the Portra for development while the HP5+ will have to wait as there is a draught going on here in Malaysia and water rationing is in effect at the moment till the draught ends.

Once I have everything developed and scan, I’ll start posting them up here.

Happy Chinese New year 2014!!!!

Copyright belong to Dannychoo.com. Artwork by Shirahane Nao.  I found it so beautiful! I couldn’t resist using it!

So here I am again! Another CNY to endure! Or do I? Even as I typed this, millions and millions of chinese all across the world has just made one of the biggest migration back to their hometowns to celebrate the biggest events in their lives this year.

As you all know , this year will be the year of the horse (so expect to be worked like one by your boss after the holidays).  So did I have to endured the treacherous trek back to my hometown?

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Just another day at work when management fails.

To answers everyone’s question, yes I am back. I have been back since the 15th of May but because of the bucket load of work waiting for me, I hadn’t been able to blog about anything until now.

10th April 2013 :

When we arrived at the client’s site, we discovered it was a public holiday as their new elected president was being sworn in today. We thought we had caught a lucky break so we went back to the hotel to either work on the golive plan or rest. Though it was shortlived, we got a call from our client while it was a holiday but we were expected to come in and work with the skeleton crew there.

Finally now that we were there our worse fears were confirmed, in the six months since we had left, client had done no UAT  nor did they do any of the mandatory certifications with the other systems meaning none of the possible issues that would have been uncovered by UAT have yet to be fixed. Golive is only possible once the UAT had uncovered all the issues and client was comfortable with using the system, none of these conditions had been satisfied at all even though our PM had informed us everything was ready to go on client side.

They were neither comfortable or ready and we knew high hell there would be heaps of issues since this system was very new and because of cost cutting measures at our company, there was no QA done for this product and the PM instead relied on the client to help uncover them- sort of like how Microsoft got their customers to test their flagship product for free.

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