Super Gt 2012 Sepang Malaysia (Racequeen)

Right, I know this is long overdue so here it is, the review for Super GT 2012 Sepang.

Taking place at sepang on the same weekend as AFA Malaysia 2012. So what did I do? I went to Sepang on Saturday then went to AFAM on Sunday.

Was it worth the time and effort? Well for one thing, thanks to Fuminari, I got free tickets for Super GT 2012 so there’s a plus but as expected, it wasn’t worth the effort this year as well.

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Return to normality with a twist.

I’m finally back from Cyprus. It was rather uneventful since it was only a week long training. I barely shot off 3 rolls of film and didn’t go anywhere this time.  
I’ll upload the photos tonight (the ones I took digitally) which reminds me, I need to look into getting an iPad to compact flash connection to avoid the same problem of forgetting the USB to mini USB cable.  
I’ve got heaps of things to work on before the end of the year and the fact I have to take all my annual leave before 2012 since I can’t carry over it means I have even less time it finish all my work as a result.  
On the bright side while I was away a certain package arrived from Tokyo and I have a nice long holiday week coming up so I’ll be using the time to catchup on some figure reviews as well as my new project.  

Super GT 2011 Sepang

While this year’s Super GT has improved in certain areas when compared to previous years but sadly since 2009, the race queen palate leaves something to be desire. Ever since 2009, we have been seeing a decline in the number that are sent as well as the quality of the outfits that were tremendously toned-down to comply with Malaysia’s “moral laws” (more on that later). In years before 2009, we could always expect to find beautiful diamond every time but after that, we find an occasional polished diamond or so such as Noa or Yuuna. Now it seems we can’t even find a diamond. Continue reading

Fujichrome Trebi 100c

I don’t know what to make of this film, it doesn’t seem like any of the other film though I have read reviews saying it’s like sensia 2 (I never tried that so I can’t comment  on it). The colors so far are soft and not very strong, while the contrast is is above average. Sharpness is very good while grain is really fine! I’m not kidding when I say they are fine! But what I like about is that it’s slide and I always prefer slide over negative film any day!

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Comic Fiesta 2010 (Cosplay report)

While Danny Choo was nowhere to be seen (except for his doppleganger Wisemen) we do have Mirai here.

Sadly, this will just be a cosplay report of this year’s Comic Fiesta 2010 at Berjaya Time Square (ballroom at the 14th floor) since I didn’t think of bringing a wide angle lens. Instead I just stuck with prime lenses.

A mistake I sorely regret since the event was surprisingly much better than I had anticipated when compared to other anime conventions I had been to around West Malaysia (hint, not low-keyed)

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Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 Day 3!

rNope, that title is not a mistype. This article is for the third day of KLIMS 2010 which was a Sunday. Though this time the number of models were a lot more than Friday. Sadly nothing else has improved especially for the batmobile and bumblebee where a lot of people were cursing at the crap imitation.

A word of advice to people planning to go to this events. This is NOT  family event! Please don’t bring:

1. Your grandmother or any member of your family using a walker.
2. Your grandfather  or any member of your family using a wheelchair
3. Your 2 hour old baby child right from the bloody hospital along with your wife who just gave birth.
4. Children below the age of 14.

For crap sakes! If you still insist on bringing them along then leave the DSLR or camera behind because you cannot take photos while looking over your family.

Don’t delude yourselves and think that you can. You will lose something when you try. Either a chance at getting a good shot or worse, losing your child.

We saw numerous incidents at that day alone where children or old folks separated from their families because Daddy was too busy chasing after models.

Get either a babysitter or have your spouse look after your family while you come out and enjoy or something but DON’T bring them all together! The event is as crowded as it is already.

I could understand if it was a teenager son who isn’t an idiot. Or the father who is actually fitter than yourself. But why oh why do Malaysians want to bring everyone to an event clearly not family oriented?

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