Carl Zeiss 35mm (f/2), 50mm (f/2) and 85mm (f/1.4)

As promised, here is a review for a set of lens I’ve owned since 2011.

I didn’t buy them in one go mind you, it all started like all things when I had some spare cash from a recent an oversea business trip and decided to reward myself with something nice.

Always been a suckered for Carl Zeiss – the brand of lens that supposedly took magically photos when used, enchanting everything it was used on with its grace and elegance. I had never own any Zeiss prior to this and decided to pick up a focal length I would used often.

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I have RETURNED!!!

Hi everyone! I’m back in Malaysia! It was a fun trip and definitely worth the time and effort to set it all up. Right now, I’m just resting from all the craziness I have been through.

For stats, I have shot 37 rolls of Kodak Portra and 15 rolls of Ilford HP5+. I’ve already sent the Portra for development while the HP5+ will have to wait as there is a draught going on here in Malaysia and water rationing is in effect at the moment till the draught ends.

Once I have everything developed and scan, I’ll start posting them up here.

A night of many first times.

But I guess there are always a first for everything, even for me. So what has happened?

Well for starters, I have for the first time forgotten to actually make a post about me going this Kenya again this Sunday morning for another onsite assignment.

Secondly, my exhibition took place on Saturday night! It was a very tiring night, my brother and his wife came along with my sister as well, all of my friends at the print room were there of course. Even the head of the Japanese consulate was there with his wife! They were the first people to arrive and I had the honor of walking them through my exhibition. They simply loved it and even bought a copy of my book but a last, an urgent matter came up and he had to leave early before he gave his opening speech leaving it once again to Lilian to later on do that.

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A walk through Japan in Autumn!

72456_498441800220010_337333030_nHi everyone! I know it’s been a while but I’ve been busy with work (what else?) Along with my own exhibition this Saturday!

Yes! I’m having my own exhibition been held at the printing this Saturday at 7pm! If you can, please do drop by for a visit! The exhibition will be running from the 6th till the end of the month!

I hope to meet everyone there then!!

More details can be found here!