Why did I give up on digital cameras?


I don’t intend to add onto an already oversized pile of toxic articles of meta physics articles of one being better than the other crapfest!

This is more of a article to document my reason selling off my digital camera. It wasn’t because of some great revelation or epiphany. Nor was it due to a discovery of something greater.

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Culture Japan Penang 2013 (Day 1 and 2)

No doubt some of you are wondering where the hell have I been? Well it’s a long story but it involves going back to Kenya for the golive and then coming back. That is another story I hope to do a blog on later.

Though as a result of that assignment I managed to get a nice week off and guess where I decided to spend it? I’ll give you a hint, “Culture Japan Penang”.

Okay, that wasn’t really a hint but a dead give away as I couldn’t come up with something witty.

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Yes, I know none of you are  even reading this part are you? Go straight for “Read the rest of this page.”

Right, at the risk of sounding like a sleaze (Risk? I do believe we have pass that point), last year December, during my year end trip to Japan, my friend helped me arranged a model shoot.

I have photograph other models before but this would be my first in Japan especially when language is an issue (this problem didn’t happened during my model shoots in Thailand), but luckily CrossChannel was there to assist in any language barrier related issues.

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A walk through Japan in Autumn!

72456_498441800220010_337333030_nHi everyone! I know it’s been a while but I’ve been busy with work (what else?) Along with my own exhibition this Saturday!

Yes! I’m having my own exhibition been held at the printing this Saturday at 7pm! If you can, please do drop by for a visit! The exhibition will be running from the 6th till the end of the month!

I hope to meet everyone there then!!

More details can be found here! www.theprintroomkl.com


And I’m back~~!

Actually I’ve been back since Sunday morning but hadn’t had the time to blog until this morning. The minute I got back to work this Monday, I was immediately swamped with crap from all over the world. Obviously these brainless twits either don’t read emails or are complete imbecile. The idea of them not reading email is scarier though as it would means they don’t care what they are told instead of not being able to understand at all.

I haven’t uploaded my pics yet because

  1. I haven’t had them developed (they are all slides). I did try to get them developed in Japan but they now run on some batch processing schedule system and would have only been done by the 9th. Long after I have returned to Malaysia, so now I have to use plan B. More about that once it’s done
  2. As for the digital shots, I shot using RAW + JPEG on my Nikon D600 but when I tried to load the RAW files into lightroom 3, it didn’t recognized the files. A search on google revealed that Adobe is not be supporting lightroom 3 anymore now that they have lightroom 4 as a result, the Nikon D600 RAW format support was not added into lightroom 3 which came out late last year. Although they do offer some level of support using their Adobe DNG converter that converts any RAW into DNG instead. Thus allowing  any photo management software to read and manipulate the file.

I still haven’t looked through the converter yet as I’m thinking on whether or not to plonk down the money and just get lightroom 4 but the hassle of upgrading is actually harder than upgrading windows as it seems Adobe graduated at the top of the class (with Microsoft at the sametime) for “How to make it as hard for customer using your product” school of thought.

But enough about that, how was the operation to Japan this time? It was damn swell! Got to try out Christmas and New year in Japan! And the anime events! More about those later once I get the converter up and running.