Carl Zeiss 35mm (f/2), 50mm (f/2) and 85mm (f/1.4)

As promised, here is a review for a set of lens I’ve owned since 2011.

I didn’t buy them in one go mind you, it all started like all things when I had some spare cash from a recent an oversea business trip and decided to reward myself with something nice.

Always been a suckered for Carl Zeiss – the brand of lens that supposedly took magically photos when used, enchanting everything it was used on with its grace and elegance. I had never own any Zeiss prior to this and decided to pick up a focal length I would used often.

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Nikon F6 – a decade long review.


I know this is an odd camera to be reviewing about since it is an old camera but not old enough that it isn’t still being made by Nikon.

Although word has it that it will be discontinued by the end of 2018.

I won’t be discussing about the image quality since that has more to do with the skill, film and lenses. All the body does is make taking photos possible.

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Ipod Shuffle – Tougher than I thought.

Before leaving for work today, I had put on the laundry to dry after leaving it to wash overnight. I then quickly got ready for work and tried to find my ipod Shuffle everywhere. Slowly a horrible realisation dawn on me, “Crap”. I had left my it in one of my many pockets of my cargo pants.

Sure enough when I looked through the newly hung cargo pants, I found it.

In a small vain of hope, I put on the earbud and turned it, lo and behold! It still played! Even after going through the wash and spin cycle, the little guy was still alive and kicking! I’m definitely glad it didn’t die and that I had opted to buy an Ipod shuffle instead of the other regular ipods!

2015-02-16 08.30.46