Some fun with figurines and wrapping paper.

What happens when you have the whole Saturday evening to yourself, a macro lens, some wrapping paper and a rin nendoroid?

An experiment in nendoroid photography.

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Fujifilm s5 pro, you are a good friend indeed!

God damnit! Why doesn’t Fujifilm make an FX version of this WONDERFUL DSLR?! If there is one I would have bought it over the D700!

I mean sure, it would probably be twice the price of the D700 but shit yeah it would be the last DSLR I would ever NEED! HECK! I would even want to be buried with that DSLR when I’m dead of old age!!

But then, that’s not to say the S5 pro is a slouch, far from it! It can really hold it’s own against even full frame cameras and that is why sometimes I have a hard time in choosing what camera to bring to a shoot. “Should I bring the S5 or the D700?” This thought always comes to mind when I go out or attend an event.

Anyway, since I was doing a review for studio flash set for my last entry I also decided to bring out my S5 after I had completed the review to have some fun with it!

I’ve been told time and time again that the S5 pro really shines when used in studios and wedding shoots. I’ve never used it in a wedding shoot nor have I used it in a studio shoot until now and boy! I had some really fun trying a lot of ideas all the while not worry about time constraints!

But here is the best shot from all that!

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The golden shell Sprite 180 studio flash setup.

Today I finally got around to fully test the S180 studio light setup as I had absolutely nothing to do today.
I also decided to take this opportunity to yes one of my other figures in my collection aside from Momo.

Here in her lively splendor is Ayanami Rei by Yamato.

But before we begin here is the rundown about this studio light set. It consist of

1. 3 strobe lights
2. A large square diffuser
3. A large octogonal diffuser
4. A honeycomb head with 4 different colored gel

All the lights are very well built and it seems to be equiped with all the trimmings you would expect from a studio light set, minus the expensive price tag of course.

Also I better put a disclaimer about this review, this is my first time using a studio light set all by myself and without the hustle and bustle of a time schedule but I make no claim that this is an exhaustive review of this studio light and I make no claim that I am very very sure of my techniques here. Right let’s get down to it shall we?

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Testing different types of flash setup style.

As promised I will be presenting in this entry a brief review of the various types of flash setup for when you’re on a small budget. (Seriously, what kind of a “small” budget is this when it consist of an S5 pro and 2 SB600?!)

For this test I will be using my figurine Momo.

For starters, let go with the basic 2 lamp types which I picked up a Ikea for RM60 each (inclusive of light bulb if I remember correctly)

Here I have 2 lamps setup