Good Smile Company – Fate/unlimited codes – Saber Lily 1/7 Scale PVC Figure

Today’s latest figure it none other than Saber Lily by GSC who no doubt are currently rolling in dough from the skyrocket demand for their latest production which has drawn huge otakus to gladly empty their wallets or bank accounts.

No other figure has drawn such huge demand since Ryogi Shiki 1/7 also by GSC. GSC is really raking in the money this year!

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Alter Choko Sennin Haruka – Shihodo Narika Choko Sennin Ver. 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

I actually made these shots last Friday but for some stupid reason, I was unable to upload them to smugmug from any Malaysian base Internet network for the past 4 days. I only managed to upload them just now using the Internet connection from my work place which happens to be using a non-Malaysian Internet provider. So yeah it’s great to use a service that is non-Malaysian.

Anyway, enough talk of useless Internet services. Today’s topic is a recent purchase I made from the Xl-shop, when I saw here, I knew I just had to get her! Previously I could have gotten Haruka as well but I was short on cash then but then I saw Narika, I knew I had to get her! Even though it meant eating bread for a few months but damn worth it!

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Spotted recently at Wonder festival 2009 in Japan

A 1/4 Kos-mos resin kit figure volks which measures to about 40~50 cm judging from reports.

Ah yes! My ever lovely Kos-mos! Said to be the most beautiful physical manifestation yet ever to be made! Volks has truly outdone themselves with their pieces.

The price for this baby? Let’s see, reports put it at 50,000 YEN which about USD $500 or RM1700 ringgit unpainted and unassembled. Yes folks this darling comes to you completely bare-naked, no paint job and requires assembly!

So why would people pay for this? Its hard to say, there are many reason why they would do it but I think two word comes to mind because they are bloody crazy and it is this die hard fandom that western companies are now trying to tap into (especially their wallets) but so far have failed miserably as they cannot seem to grasp the concept of making quality stuff (what is this concept of making good quality products? China doesn’t do it, so why should I? Said the US product manager).

Anyway, what do I care what they think? We’re here to only talk about Kos-mos!

Here we have the actual unpainted but assembled figure shown on display at wonfes recently, you can very well see that she is indeed a large figure (1/4) at about 3.7 kgs.

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Sometimes I wish I can spend a whole day on my hobby.

For the past few weeks I’ve been rather busy, whether it’s for work or family, I hardly have enough time for myself anymore. Anyway here is a shot I took when I was playing with my studio light set along with one of my figures.

I’ve been trying to improve my studio photography but for some reason I just can’t get myself out of this slump. It always happens around July til October.

I should have joined the guys at Ipoh for that swimsuit shoot >_< but curse my luck that work always had to kick into overdrive around that time every year. Even though I knew it would be the last big event until next year or at least until November, though it does allow me to finally go through the backlog of photos I have yet to process.

But still……I wish there was some major event.

Oh well, back to work………boo hoo