Rebuild of Evangelion 1/6 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Makinami Mari review

Makinami Mari illustrious

Okay for those who missed the arrival story of this new figure, you can check it out here. Anyway moving on, now that Gainax have decided to “rebuild” their much loved Evangelion series with 4 new planned movies (2 have already been made with the third one soon), they hope to re-work some of the element to further improve what was already a wonderfully told story. Among these improvements planned was the introduction of a new characters named Makinami Mari.

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Loot from Operation Chiaki…

As promised here is the loot report. You didn’t think after 30 days plus in Japan I wouldn’t have bought anything? Well most of it are just books that can’t be found in Malaysia due to censorship controls or are just plain rare!

Everything was shipped back via EMS at the total cost of 22,300 yen which is about GASP! RM830! Still cheaper than paying the overweight fine at the airport (it would have been about Rm2,000).

Okay let’s get to the detail item list…..

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