Alter Kos-Mos swimsuit version 1/6

I know this is long overdue but I had some time recently so I decided to finally do a short photoshoot for this figure. I also decided to try something new by using skylight bulbs for this shoot along with my flash. In retrospect I should have gone with the old light tent I usually use. But heck it was a good learning experience.

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Creators Labo #026 Neon Genesis Evangelion Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Soryu Asuka Langley

Here's another figure review, this one came during the weekend I was in Singapore for AFA X (so I guess that technically makes it 2 Asuka on the same weekend). I'm starting to see a very dangerous obsession with Asuka.

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Asuka Sohryu Langley Maid version by Kotobukiya 1/7

Today I'll be reviewing one of my purchases from AFA X. I had been looking for this Asuka for a while now when I came by it during AFA X. This is the original red maid outfit version which I feel was a lot better than the yellow outfit that was later released as a special limited edition. As it keeps in line with the Asuka's fiery temper. The yellow one felt like it lacked the associate of the outfit with the personality of the wearer.

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AFA X 2010 Singapore Day 2

Date: 13th November 2010

Saturday…..the second day of AFA X…..if I had to describe how did this day go I guess it could best be summed up in 1 word, it would be “AWESOME!”

After CrossChannel finally arrived last night, we all decided to turn in for the night without delay as both of us were dead tired. Although the next morning I found him diligently working on his notebook @_@…..

I had initially wanted to update about the event at night but the internet at the hotel was total crap, it was nothing like what I had heard about from people who had reviewed about the hotel and it was not cheap either, SGD 5 for 2 hours of Internet connection. It was a total ripoff!

We both quickly made our way to Suntech convention hall thinking we would be early and the crowd wouldn’t be too big, oh how wrong we both were >_<

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Figure Review: Asuka 1/6 Test plugsuit by Kotobikuya PVC

While the box looked okay and undamaged but....

I finally have one of the new Asuka figure released this year in conjunction with the release of the the second movie. This one was made by Kotobukiya~! I’m rather a big fan of their PVC figures.

It had actually arrived a week earlier but I’m always at work during the day so Saturday was the only time they could send it. I could have picked it up myself after work but because the office where they are located is near SEGI university I opt not to as traffic there is always congested regardless of the time and weather.

Now the package looked alright externally and the fact I sent via Fedex but this is Malaysia we’re talking about here and it just wouldn’t be Malaysia if the content didn’t get messed up a little.

Like how the Malaysian government treat their citizens…..XD

But I digress, I’ll save the political jokes and insults for another article…

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