Magical girl lyrical Nanoha: Takamachi Nanoha school uniform by Alter

When I first saw this go up for preorder at play-Asia, I knew instantly I had to have her in my collection! No, I’m not a lolikon! Though this is rather different from the usual figures I have collected as it’s modest figure but that is what makes me want it even more!

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1/7 Tosaka Rin “Unlimited Blade works” by Good Smile Company

I finally have time to do a proper review of this figure and I’m so glad I spent the whole day doing the photo shoot properly. For those wondering when did I get this figure, refer to here. This figure so far in my opinion is well worth the extra effort although I couldn’t find a good background to shoot with it.

A little background on how I came by this figure, when it was first announced for pre-order I gave it a pass because I knew the price would be well out of my range but then a Hobby Search offered a 20% discount for it and I leaped for it and the rest as they say is history! So how much did I really save? When compared to local price of RM400, after conversion to Ringgit from Yen, I got the figure at Rm350 inclusive of shipping! So yeah! I really am glad I did get this one!

Though I do find one thing odd, most PVC figures comes in the usual sizes of 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, and some even in 1/12 but 1/7? Whatever the reason, the important thing is GSC did the figure justice!

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Medicom toy RAH Ayanami Rei (Evangelion 2.0) 1/6 scale.

For the pass few weeks, its been raining sometimes for the whole day which is why I haven’t done any outdoor photography for a long time now.

Though that doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything at all.  Instead I’m taking it as an opportunity  to brush up and clear out the backlog of figure shoots that’s been slowly increasing. So I figured let’s try something different and shoot a posable figure this time.

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