Culture Japan Penang 2013 (Day 1 and 2)

No doubt some of you are wondering where the hell have I been? Well it’s a long story but it involves going back to Kenya for the golive and then coming back. That is another story I hope to do a blog on later.

Though as a result of that assignment I managed to get a nice week off and guess where I decided to spend it? I’ll give you a hint, “Culture Japan Penang”.

Okay, that wasn’t really a hint but a dead give away as I couldn’t come up with something witty.

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Yes, I know none of you are  even reading this part are you? Go straight for “Read the rest of this page.”

Right, at the risk of sounding like a sleaze (Risk? I do believe we have pass that point), last year December, during my year end trip to Japan, my friend helped me arranged a model shoot.

I have photograph other models before but this would be my first in Japan especially when language is an issue (this problem didn’t happened during my model shoots in Thailand), but luckily CrossChannel was there to assist in any language barrier related issues.

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2012: The year in review……and we’re all still here alive.

I’m sorry for the late posting but I had only gotten back to Tokyo at 11am this morning and was bushed since I didn’t sleep the night before (more about that in my next blog entry). As mentioned before, I am shooting primarily film this time hence the lack of the updates from Japan so updates are fourth coming.

But before then

Happy New year 2013! We never thought you would get here (seriously, we didn’t think we make it pass 2012)

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Super Gt 2012 Sepang Malaysia (Racequeen)

Right, I know this is long overdue so here it is, the review for Super GT 2012 Sepang.

Taking place at sepang on the same weekend as AFA Malaysia 2012. So what did I do? I went to Sepang on Saturday then went to AFAM on Sunday.

Was it worth the time and effort? Well for one thing, thanks to Fuminari, I got free tickets for Super GT 2012 so there’s a plus but as expected, it wasn’t worth the effort this year as well.

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Bangkok Motorshow 2012

I know this is LONG overdue but here are all the shots I took for the Bangkok Motorshow 2012!

I had a great time with my friends and the show was spectacular!

While there I found that Bangkok is a wonderful place to photograph as well! Note to self,   stay a few more days instead instead of just a weekend romp for the motorshow…..

Anyway, more photos after the break~~~~

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Super GT 2011 Sepang

While this year’s Super GT has improved in certain areas when compared to previous years but sadly since 2009, the race queen palate leaves something to be desire. Ever since 2009, we have been seeing a decline in the number that are sent as well as the quality of the outfits that were tremendously toned-down to comply with Malaysia’s “moral laws” (more on that later). In years before 2009, we could always expect to find beautiful diamond every time but after that, we find an occasional polished diamond or so such as Noa or Yuuna. Now it seems we can’t even find a diamond. Continue reading