A night of many first times.

But I guess there are always a first for everything, even for me. So what has happened?

Well for starters, I have for the first time forgotten to actually make a post about me going this Kenya again this Sunday morning for another onsite assignment.

Secondly, my exhibition took place on Saturday night! It was a very tiring night, my brother and his wife came along with my sister as well, all of my friends at the print room were there of course. Even the head of the Japanese consulate was there with his wife! They were the first people to arrive and I had the honor of walking them through my exhibition. They simply loved it and even bought a copy of my book but a last, an urgent matter came up and he had to leave early before he gave his opening speech leaving it once again to Lilian to later on do that.

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A walk through Japan in Autumn!

72456_498441800220010_337333030_nHi everyone! I know it’s been a while but I’ve been busy with work (what else?) Along with my own exhibition this Saturday!

Yes! I’m having my own exhibition been held at the printing this Saturday at 7pm! If you can, please do drop by for a visit! The exhibition will be running from the 6th till the end of the month!

I hope to meet everyone there then!!

More details can be found here! www.theprintroomkl.com


Happy Chinese New Year 2013!!!!!

20130209-211539.jpg HI everyone! I hope everyone is having a great time! Because I sure as hell am not!

Why? Because as I type this, I was made to make the arduous journey home to the town of silent hi….I mean Labuan in East Malaysia once more and like every year, I had to literally put up with another screaming baby!

Dear heavens! Why can’t the parents have feed their kids before boarding the plane? I highly suspect it was because they were lazy or it slipped their mind. Thank god I bought that awesome noise canceling headset by bose since my return trip from Kenya last year. It’s worth every pretty coin I spent on it, especially the long flights.

I was planning on making a forecast of fortune base on the zodiac again but it seems all of the were too similar and boring to be any significant value to anyone. So instead, let’s just enjoy the new year of the SNAKEEE (As indie would say, I HATE SNAKES! So do I !!!!!!!!!)

Operation Yuki: 31st December 2012 and 1st Jaunary 2013

You’re probably wondering, what am I now only doing a blog entry for 31st and 1st? What happened to the other days I was here?! Well I was mostly shooting film for those days except for Comiket but I have yet to sort through those photos and I hope to have those up and blogged about end of this month but I think there has been enough coverage about Comiket 83 for me to be able to add anything additional that is worthwhile.

So now let’s move onto the night of 31st December 2012, the last day of 2012!!!!

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2012: The year in review……and we’re all still here alive.

I’m sorry for the late posting but I had only gotten back to Tokyo at 11am this morning and was bushed since I didn’t sleep the night before (more about that in my next blog entry). As mentioned before, I am shooting primarily film this time hence the lack of the updates from Japan so updates are fourth coming.

But before then

Happy New year 2013! We never thought you would get here (seriously, we didn’t think we make it pass 2012)

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Merry Christmas everyone!

I do apologize for the lateness but being in Japan, I’ve been pretty easy going with my schedule and etc.
so what have at been doing? Just checking out exhibits along with some places I didn’t get to visit the last time I was here and that sort of stuff.
Though sadly that doesn’t mean I get to escape work and Malaysia as I keep getting calls which I ignore unless its family.
Go buzz off, I’m on holiday. Figure it out yourselves. Hahahahahahah


Merry Christmas !


Super Gt 2012 Sepang Malaysia (Racequeen)

Right, I know this is long overdue so here it is, the review for Super GT 2012 Sepang.

Taking place at sepang on the same weekend as AFA Malaysia 2012. So what did I do? I went to Sepang on Saturday then went to AFAM on Sunday.

Was it worth the time and effort? Well for one thing, thanks to Fuminari, I got free tickets for Super GT 2012 so there’s a plus but as expected, it wasn’t worth the effort this year as well.

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