I hate the real digital age.

Sounds like something when coming out of the closet (no, I am not gay!) Those words, if heard by all my friends and family would no doubt bring about a collective gasp of shock and terror. It would be as if I had just announced I was secretly a women stripper or I loved wearing dead fish as a fashion statement or even worse – that I am a luddite!

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Many new happenings

Yes I know I haven’t blogged in a while but things have been very busy since I came back from Sri Lanka and I’ve been trying up to finish my personal projects along with scanning film. So let’s begin each item.

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Mistakes and lessons while traveling

I try and always be a person that is prepared by planning for a lot of possibilities especially when going to a foreign country. I brought a wireless router to share out the Internet because the apartments I always stayed in only has cable modem. I brought proper winter clothing. I brought medication for any sickness. I even brought the camera connection kit for my iPad so I could upload my photos from my D700 online just as I did for Singapore back in November. But did you know what I forget to bring when I was unpacking?  

The death of the language maker..

Dennis M. Ritchie (September 9, 1941 – October 12, 2011)

Another great engineer of the computing world has once again passed away. This time it’s Dennis M. Ritchie whose work have enabled the possible creation of today’s modern software and in fact can be considered the Homo Saipiens aka modern man of computer languages but let’s not forget this other work namely Unix. The grandfather of all Linux operating system flavor that which we all depend on today to run all the massive servers that keep modern society going.

Sadly I only found out about his death just this morning but he had already passed away on the 12th. I guess his death didn’t warrant the same media attention as Steve jobs. But any programmer worth his weight in salt would definitely know who Dennis M. Ritchie is and how his work had paved the way for the modern software world.

I fondly remember how I studied c programming back when I was in secondary school and how i desperately searched for any book on programming languages, I only found bits and pieces because Labuan was a rathole where books on anything technological was as rare as pure gold. So I only managed to find it after reaching university and even though I was very familiar with c programming at that point but I still found it a wonderful book to read as it shows how elegant the c language was and how it truly put the power of the computer at the hands of the software developer without using mnemonic as it were with assembly language. Now this was a great man whose work had greatly enriched my life…..

You will greatly be missed though your passing has been a quiet event but know this, many of your life works are the foundation of today’s modern software.

The death of an icon maker….

Rest in peace oh great sage. Most people would remember as the man who herald a new age of computing, as the man who gave what the people wanted, the man who set a new standard for others to follow but I remember him as the man who after being usurped from his seat of great authority returned to his kingdom and struck those who had done him great wrong and begun building a great empire.

It is sad that you have left us but know this, you have made your mark on this age and I hope your legacy will live on. You left us too soon but a last, even great men must have their rest. So rest in peace oh great sage.

Ipad 2 and travel shooters

Enjoying my ipad 2

Yes, I finally broke down and bought an ipad 2. I ordered the wifi 64gig version online as stores were constantly sold out, an added bonus when ordering online is free laser etching on the back and free DHL shipping~~!

But I’ll be honest for weeks I had literally daydream about how I use it to replace my notebook whenever I travelled, how I would be able to easily upload photos to smugmug and maybe even do some light editing and so, as well as buy online books and magazines which are cheaper, consume less space and better for the environment. So my expectations was that it would herald a new age of computing in my life.

But life doesn’t always turn out the way we hopefully expected….

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Setting up VPN on the iMac (OSX Snow leopard 10.6.8)

Previously I had tried to setup a VPN on my iMac but the information I found throughout the web was very mis-mashed and most of them were either for Linux or Windows. There were very few clear guides on how to setup a VPN server on an iMac though I did find a great starting guide.

The only problem with this guide is that is doesn’t go far enough in explaining about fixing the CHAP auth problem unless you are up to reading all the comments afterwords like I did and then it’s still not totally clear how to fully resolve it. That’s where this article comes in, I’ll be going through briefly on how to setup a VPN server on Snow leopard 10.6.8 and will include the other details not mentioned in other articles.

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk. I will not be responsible for anyone who screws up their entire computer or network as a result of this.

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