Dishonored series.

Rarely I write a game review unless it was really good and the Dishonored series for me was more than just good, it was absolutely fantastic!

The game has been out for age since the PS3 but I only recently bought a digital copy for my ps4 – The definitive edition – during the “Single’s day” sale in 2018 (it was 70% off) after watching a youtube video gameplay on it.

It reminded of another one of my all-time favorite game – Thief. I immediately fell in love with it. The act of just stealth and assassination was a wonderful change of pace from the usual murder everyone and everything (especially zombies) along with crafting that seems to be prevalent in everything game these days.

For me, it wasn’t just about the gameplay or even the story that made it wonderful, it was like a virtual art gallery for me. An art gallery where I chose to either murder or stealthily incapacitate enemies.

I love the atmosphere, the environment, and the art presented – paintings!

They are digital art but I would occasional stop to look at them during game play (this is the benefit of getting such high definition game – I can literally see every supposedly brush stroke. It was like inspecting an actual oil painting at a museum) while on my way to murder someone brutally or steal something. So much so, I played the game twice just to watch them again.

Dishonored 2

So when I saw that there was a sequel (released long ago again), I immediately bought it again during a December sale.

I wasn’t disappointed at all as the story and gameplay was so much better, but what really got me was the art. They were so mesmerizing I just couldn’t get enough of them. I have replayed the a few times using new game plus and have not gotten bored yet (of course taking care not to overplay it – like a fine wine).

Obsessed with the art I am now looking to take up oil painting just to further appreciate it (I am under no illusion of thinking I can draw as good as the artist for the game, but I find that one further appreciate art when one understands how much it takes to create it).

I literally fangirlled like crazy when I found it!

Recently I managed to find the artbook for the second game. It cost me a pretty penny but well worth it. Below you can find a youtube video book review. I suggest getting a copy just for the portraits! It is simply beautiful! A must own for any fan!

A video review for the artbook


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