End of my tripod.

After doing a review about my Benro C-168 , after almost a decade it has finally broke.


It was a light, small and very durable tripod. Made from carbon fiber allow, it took the toughest beating.

  1. Cracking center column (the plastic part, causing the column to get stuck if it was lower or raise too much. I fixed it using super glue) in Africa.
  2. Losing the tripod feet (bought replacement parts after my return) in Vietnam.
  3. One of the legs being stuck while extended (fixed by using pencil lead shavings) while in Indonesia.
  4. Losing one of the screw bolts in Japan (Bought a replacement bolt in Japan).

But during a recent model shoot, I knew it was on it’s last “leg” (no pun intended) when the tripod head holding my medium format camera came loose almost sending it crashing to the ground had I not caught the camera.


The lock mechanism was stuck on the “unlock” position and only the traction control was working. Essentially making it unsafe to hold any camera. The legs are somewhat still okay. I have contacted Benro supplier in Malaysia and they replied,


“Buy a new Benro, we don’t do repairs.”

That was cold.

I thought maybe it was time to make a change anyway, though my needs have certainly changed since then. I now owned medium format cameras and those are never light at all.

So I decided to check out a good sturdy tripod and checked out what Manfrotto was offering. I could have again gotten another Benro but after that chilly reception from them, I think I’ll try Manfrotto again.

I’ve seen Paul from ThePrintRoomKL with Manfrotto tripods that are definitely older than 10 years and a lot of medium format camera owners uses them for their rigs.

*Disclaimer : I bought my own gear and I get no monetary rewards for mentionning  Manfrotto, or YL cameras. The opinions I expressed here are entirely my own.

Did some reason and finally settled on the MT190X3 aluminum legs and the 410 Junior Geared Tripod Head. YL cameras managed to set me up with a sweet deal. I highly recommend visiting their store and check it out. Nothing beats visiting a real store and being able to get a great deal on it.

I’ll do a review about it later but so far one thing is for sure upon first inspection, it is heavier and bigger than my old Benro. Which means it isn’t something I can’t easily carry it around.

Which is fine since this is meant for my studio work.


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