Operation Rin – Return to Autumn.

Going to Japan again not for a full month though, I will be going to Seoul for the first time too.

For this trip, I will be bringing the following:

  1. Nikon F6 (For this trip I am basically using the same gear I did long time ago)
    1. Nikkor 17-35mm
    2. Nikkor 50mm
    3. Tamron SP90
  2. Fujifilm GF670

I’m keeping the gear line up as simple as possible.


Film line up:

  1. Fuji chrome Provia 400x (20 rolls)
  2. Kodak Portra 400 (40 rolls)
  3. Ilford HP5+ (25 rolls)

No digital this time again; I couldn’t even use digital even if I wanted to, I had sold my Nikon D600. Wasn’t using it anymore.

I’ll be posting updates everyday.





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