Home is photographic hell

Every time I introduce being from Malaysia while vacationing these replies.

“Oh Malaysia! What a beautiful place! You must enjoy photographing there.”

“Wow! Love the tropic country!”

And all sort of other comments that it is a lovely place and must have a billion photos of it.

That is just the problem – I don’t.

I can barely motivate myself in Malaysia. Just lifting up the camera and shooting is a chore, the thought of going out and shooting for all my worth seems like an exercise in getting a root canal without anaesthetics. Just thinking about it gives me a headache AND a toothache!

No doubt tourists visiting Malaysia seems like paradise (especially when the haze isn’t here) – cheap, hot weather and new things to see and do. I suppose it is because I was born and raised here I cannot see it other than an embarrassment – scandals, corruptions, declining economy and general misery.

I am not the only one who has this problem (the hate my home problem), oversea friends have told me that they too are faced with the same problem when it comes to photographing their homes. Nothing inspires them or photos seem all too boring, lacking punch whatsoever.

Some though have actually managed to get pass this mental limiter – make yourself believe you are someone else (and after many pints of beers helps 🙂 ). I admire their positive view on their world. But for the life of me, I cannot do that. It certainly isn’t from the lack of trying.

To make things worse, I am a bone-fide introvert, except when I am on vacation.

For those who are not born or raised here, understand you could go out day after day shooting and come back with fabulous shots but I can barely get myself to load a roll of film or slot in an SD card into my camera in Malaysia. So leave those who cannot alone, they will be very grateful for it.

We will take our shots when we aren’t here.


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