My favorite film

If you are frequent visitor of this blog then you no doubt know that I shoot mainly with film and were you to guess, most of you would say it’s Kodak Portra. In truth, my favorite film is actually Instant film @ Polaroid film. In no particular order:

  1. Fujifilm Instax mini
  2. Fujifilm Instax wide
  3. Fujifilm FP-3000B

Ever since I started shooting film I enjoy the feeling, but nothing still beats Instant when I want some fun with film. Sure the colors and exposure are not spot on, but the opportunity for fun and mayhem cannot be rivaled. Plus saving pictures into my journal/notebooks or as gift to friends or strangers leads to heaps of fun.

Wondrous are the moments when the image start to appear and gradually over minutes, the image comes into focus and clarity. Digital is faster but not as fun as shooting with film.

Fujifilm had hoped the instax camera would be fun at gatherings or parties and for the most part it is but I feel instant film especially the Instax series are more than just party trick applications – it helps the other party relax and feel more open toward you since you have given back something to the exchange regardless it is an event shoot, street photography or even a pre-arrange model shoot.

The only thing that grinds my gear are the selection of cameras, not many of them are  near the lens quality or control I crave like on a manual SLR. For sure I have searched and managed to procure my current customized Polaroid 250 Land camera and there are the Hassleblad and Mamiya with Polaroid backs but those are mere attachments that do not use the full size of the film – some thought like the black borders that surround their taken image.

But this is not enough for me and I continue to wait and search for the right instant camera. Time though maybe against me as Fujifilm as long discontinued my favorite FP-3000B – the only black and white instant film pack and FP-100C – color instant film pack. Leaving me to scour for any remaining packs I can find. For sure there are other options are like the Impossible project’s own B&W offering, but the film itself isn’t anywhere the quality I have come to love with FP-3000B. Perhaps the end has already arrived and I am just still in denial about it, all the film have an expiry date even when cold stored eventually the film will spoil leaving me with nothing left.

There is talk of others picking it up just like the Impossible Project but so far all I see are just people talking and not a lot of doing. I have resolved to carefully use my remaining supply for my personal enjoyment until the last pack it gone where I will then retiring my Polaroid 250 for good.

The only thing left is Instax and how long before Fujifilm decides to axe it in favor of their X-series? My only wish now is that they come up with black and white Instax in the near future.

2 thoughts on “My favorite film

  1. It’s a bit sad to see Polaroid dying (the original ones I mean). I recently picked up a Job Pro and I’m loving it. The Impossible Project’s film price is pretty killer but then again it makes sure I make every shot count. I bought their black and white film which seems alright for me. I don’t know how it compares though since I haven’t used anything else. I never really like the mini instax films since they felt too tiny plus the aspect ratio was a bit weird for me. Though you can’t really go wrong with them since most people use them these days.

    • It’s really sad, all these gears and nothing to use. I imagine this is what it will be like if film really does go away – so much unused gear.

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