Expressing thoughts and exposing idiocy, hypocrisy and corruption.

Whether it’s a blog, an open letter in the newspaper, facebook post or even a tweet, nothing garners more complaints from Asian governments than ones that tells or complains about the government – especially ones widely read by many.

There are more and more reports of Asian countries introducing laws to arrest bloggers or “facebookers”, tweeters or just about anyone who post an article online, for defamation or even sedition. The level to which they assigned the notoriety of the crime are increasing – equating the deed to committing espionage or treason.

Sooner or later, government will no doubt try and impose capital punishment for anything that are “seditious” in an effort to curb people from writing them. We are witnessing the birth of  – the thought police or 1984 as foretold by George Orwell.


I will be honest when the people posts up an article,  I imagine some chap who is going about his daily life – Getting up from bed, go to work, have lunch, go home at the end of the day, and repeat ad infinitum until death. But the way governments portray them – as if every waking moment of their lives has been devoted to destroy the world and everyone in it.

It reeks of madness.

Why the fear of social media?

Unless they are independent press, all public forms of news reporting can be easily controlled by any government (through threats or intimidation). It is not always public media that can influence the minds’ of the masses. Nor does it mean that one single social media portal is capable of controlling public opinion, but when enough people are talking about it online (Facebook, twitter and blogs) sooner or later everyone will start to think – “Hey, he’s right!”. It is this sharing of personal thought that influence public opinion that scares governments since they have so little control over it.

Like all tyrants it response in the only way it knows how – with fears and repressions. Instead of taking a hard look at itself and maybe see how to change for the better (unlikely) or soon sees itself quickly replaced in the next election (If it is carried out in a fair manner – a questionable topic here in Malaysia).

The pen is mightier than the sword?

Many hope those words ring true and why not? Even Asian governments think so and have laws strictly forbidding people from speaking their minds. Freedom is the sadly not a right that is granted to all though, it has to be earned –  Asian governments will stop at nothing to stifle any attempts at freedom, especially the freedom of speech.

Because an angry rabble mass is a dangerous thing, but an educated angry rabble mass is worse. Pointing out idiocy in governance is considered taboo, imagine the emperor outlawing all children from speaking their mind since it was a child who said, “But the emperor is butt-naked and wearing nothing on his head.” Which gave rise to the utter humiliation of said emperor, and instead resolving of fixing the mistake, opts to have all children banned from speaking their minds.

This is what we are seeing happening in today’s governance.

When will it end?

I don’t know where this is going, anyone with at least half a brain should know the reasons for the crackdowns on social media by government and courts. It is poor comedy.

There can be only 2 possible outcomes:

1. People continue to accept the way things are and eventually come to believe that such things are right and conform to slavery.

2. People will finally not take this anymore and stand up to crush their oppressors. This is the path everyone is hoping for, it would be an end to their bondage. Yes, it will take a long time to rebuild, but it all has to be destroyed before it can made right. But it will also lead to bloodshed – everyone is fearful but hopeful of this solution.

Where is it all going?

Some countries have already have had their proverbial “spring cherry” popped (eg: Philippines and Indonesia) and we know from those events much blood and tears were shed in the course of it. I would like to say it won’t happen here but who are we kidding? The only thing we can hope  when the revolution happens, is it would kick the asses of the tyrants so hard even future would-be tyrants will continue to feel it 100 years from now.

And consider investing it kickass-proof pants.

But if history is any good indication (it is and will always be) is that every revolution starts when the boiling point has been reached and we have our own Arab Springs. I look forward to the future when all of this is over and finally, if it happens, we become what we need to be – a real nation.

Where it goes from here or how it will end does not matter. The important thing now is the will to push forward – to strive for change. For that to happen everyone must be on the same page and can see it for themselves. That will only happen when everyone learns, share ideas and takes action.

I do hope to be alive to see that happen. No doubt old and feeble, but alive to see it happen. I can then only share stories about the era when tyranny ruled.


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