Figure photography – Alter’s Asuka test plug suit and Kasugano Sora – black Chinese dress version

It has been a very long time for any figure photography. Not surprising with work taking me away from home, any time I have is spent handling urgent overdue tasks. With this, I hope to begin clearing the backlog that has steadily been building.

I am glad I don’t have a deadline for such small projects as they are more for distraction from the many things driving me up the wall. Not many shots for this shoot, but I thought it might be interesting to try to do something with the photos and hopefully brush up on my other skills in the process.

This one has been waiting for a long time to shoot. Asuka test plugsuit by Alter. The figure is magnificently crafted, to top it up, the paintjob has a glossy look to them.

Although if you already have one too many Asuka figures (I have 6 of them so far), I think you can safely skip this one because getting would just be a little crazy (But if you already have it, why stop there? ) . As there are other better ones especially from the latest movie – this one is base on the second one.

Yeah, this is the only 2 shots I felt I managed to accomplished something good with.

The rest were just boring.

Moving on, we have my latest piece from Japan. Luckily I managed to score this little beauty from Nippon Yassan when other website were already sold out. Plus it was cheaper and customer service was great.

I had absolutely no idea from what anime this little piece was from and didn’t bother looking it when I placed the pre-order – it was simply beautiful! The detail and craftsmanship was just wonderful, I HAD to own it.

It was also a good thing it was under RM500, because Malaysia started to charge GST (Goods and Service Tax) for anything imported into the country costing more than RM500 (this figure was RM350++ inclusive of shipping).

I know I’m going to get a flak for going nuts with the colour filters during the shoot, but I wanted to give that red light district feel to this shoot.

Tried a black and white variation. I can never decide which one to post so trying both and see what works.

That’s all for today. Will have more material here when I can.

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