Bangkok Motorshow April 2015

It has been at least 2 ~ 3 years since I last attended the Bangkok motorshow, to go again with friends of like mind was a joy! The one thing I love about the motorshow in Bangkok is that because they aren’t rule by religious fanatics who go crazy at the sight of anything remotely sexy, the show is a wonderful showcase of cars and booth babes!

Once again I went with members of RojakStudio – friends I have known for so many years since Penang, I think only one of the few group of friends who put up with my craziness and enthusiasm for all things hot and sexy! 🙂

It was a 3 days visits, but we only went to the show on Friday as I decided to join the rest of the group for shopping and other events. You can imagine, we arrived on Friday and after checking into the hotel, quickly made our way to the IMPACT convention center. From 1pm until 11pm, we spent our time there. It felt like a marathon – a marathon trying to capture that elusive shot.

 For this event, I brought my AF-S 50mm f/1.8 and my Carl Zeiss 85mm f/1.4. It goes without saying, I had a crazy load of fun!

Someone outright went and bought this car at the show?!

The event was packed! Never a dull moment.

I LOVE MY 85mm F/1.4! Look at the bokeh!

Like years before, dang lighting color plays havok with white balance.

Great shows all about! I should consider to start taking videos! At least for the performances!

A lot of photographers. I have nothing against to such a crowd event, but I do have a thing against people who bring along the whole fricking family – the kids, wife, grandpa and grandma on wheelchairs. It unnecessarily add people to a crowded event.

Photobomb by g3k

Soon it was over at 9pm so we moved to the back of IMPACT to see the famous Coyote party – an event entirely devoted to loud music, babes dancing on decked out cars all night long.

We only stayed until 11pm and went back to the Hotel to rest up for tomorrow’s events – what events? Find out laterrrrrr <smirk>

4 thoughts on “Bangkok Motorshow April 2015

    • Hi Nopy, I don’t show it here, but I have tons of shows that have a lot of people in them as well… it’s annoying, but if you keep shooting, eventually there isn’t one shot with people in them.

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