Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia – With only 2 weeks before golive and handover, I decided to go sight seeing around Jakarta. I tried to find many reasons to like the city, but I have to say this, it was rather similar to Malaysia and didn’t really find anything interesting or worthwhile.

Wet Market

Visited one of the many morning markets. Nothing new to me, like all so many other wet markets I have visited throughout Asia in the last few years.

Followed by a visit to a near by temple I had read about.

Then had the driver bring me to one of the fishing villages. Foreigners just love to visit places like this, though I didn’t see anything worthwhile.

I tried to muscle up enthusiasm about seeing another country, it wasn’t happening at all, the place was very much like home and visiting these tourist spots didn’t help at all. This is what happens when you plan an itinerary on a spur of the moment with a driver and is just as clueless.

The journey ended at a harbour — for me though, it had ended much earlier when I had stopped for a drink at a posh restaurant. With only this shot to show for it.

6 thoughts on “Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Thanks. I really tried to like Jakarta, but being from Malaysia, nothing felt new and just couldn’t get myself to take great photos. Only the occasional lucky shots.

  1. Yeah, it’s not really impressive really, especially if you expect something out of this world. Even for shopping, things are cheaper in Singapore and Malaysia.
    It would be better to go somewhere outside South East Asia to expect difference that’s not too subtle. 🙂

    BTW, that temple got burned down last Monday. The roof catches fire from the candles.
    News article and history enthusiast starts worrying if the building will get restored by the owner.

  2. If you take pictures like this at a place which doesn’t inspire you that much… can’t wait to see your shots at a place which tickles you…
    i like the first (boat) and the last (curious child) the best…

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