Comic Fiesta 2014 @ KLCC

A lot of things have been happening and I only just now had some time to update about them.

But for now, most of my overseas assignments are over and I decided to take some time off – what better way to do that then to go to Comic Fiesta!

The event has grown very much over the years, only taking up space in Berjaya Time Square, attendance has steadily grown to the point where KLCC is barely able to host the event.

The number of booths has more than tripled and fans from all over coming from as far as Penang make the pilgrimage to KL just to attend the event. All to meet and mingle with fellow anime fans, to buy limited editions, all to bash in their love for all things animation regardless of East and West.

What am I here for? Buying books and to take photos of the cosplayers!!! So enjoy!!

If any of you know who these cosplayers are, please let me know so I can send them their photos, the ones I do know have already been sent their photos. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Aside from those, many come to see the PVC or smart dolls at Danny Choo’s booth as well!!

Here are some PVC figures from the good smile company booth

Took this chance to also try out my CZ 50mm f/2 Makro Planar I recently got for a song! ^_^


Art collages also took this opportunity to showcase the degrees/courses they offered and here are some of their students’ work.

I wasn’t alone and Fuminari was also with me, having a friend is always a blast at these events!

The crowd was hungry!

Marry me!

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