Leaving comfort zone

I’m not trying to sound pretentious nor am I trying to be a jerk, but having worked in many industries and companies I have noticed those that worked in those company the longest – they are terrified of leaving their comfort zone. While seemingly brilliant at everything they do, except change companies. I had the pleasure of once asking one such engineer why not go somewhere for better pay with their skills. The answer given will surprise you.

People will avoid leaving their comfort zones and with good reason – it’s safer – why leave what you know and venture the risk of exploring the unknown? Is the risk worth it?

The answer is – “no one knows” – no amount of foresight can predict the outcome.

But I don’t think that is what scares people the most, what really scares them is – “Can I turn around and go back once I leave my comfort zone?” Now if I say you could, would you be afraid of leaving ? Similarly if the answer was no, how much more afraid you would be? Noticed how much clearer the situation is when you know the answer to that instead of “what would happen?”

I will focus more on if the answer is “No” since that is the interesting topic here.  Would you still leave?

It would be scary.

It could be a mistake you will regret later on once you leave.

It could be a long dark road fraught with many pitfalls and no way back.

Though I believe sometimes it is the way forward in life because we must always travel forward.

I have leaped from my comfort zone many times already with no certainly of any landing in the future everytime I left a job without looking. You might sometime feel it’s like falling backward into a bad position, striking fear into you. This is normal and you should learn to overcome it if you ever plan to leave your comfort. There are good reasons to always have plans to act upon leaving your comfort zones – or circumstances might force you.

That happened to me one day when I was retrenched while on vacation – not a good experience – but one that taught me to always have plans to leave once I have learned and bettered myself in the current industry. Try to be prepared, leaving your comfort zone may not always be a personal choice you can make at your leisure.

Getting back to what the engineer answered, “He can’t”. Because he felt he had spent too much time working at the same company and couldn’t learn anything else outside of it, starting over would be too hard and would be being stupid again. While I think he would do well base on his skills in the industry, but it would take circumstances to force him to leave.

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