I hate the real digital age.

Sounds like something when coming out of the closet (no, I am not gay!) Those words, if heard by all my friends and family would no doubt bring about a collective gasp of shock and terror. It would be as if I had just announced I was secretly a women stripper or I loved wearing dead fish as a fashion statement or even worse – that I am a luddite!

Let’s get this out of the way first – I am NOT a luddite.

Those who don’t know, I have a Bachelor degree in Information technology (Software engineering). To say I have an affinity for it is understating it (technology), I consider part of my entity. That technology has shown me the wonder of science and logic, the benefit it has brought us humans.

Let me explain further what is here, look around you, what do you see? Handphones, notebooks, ipads, what are they doing? Twittering, facebooking, and selfies. This is what I cannot stand – technology has been perverted. People have taken today’s technology and transformed into an era of narcissistic, voyeuristic, and self-promotion! It’s only getting worse everyday instead of bring substance into this world, with more only “selfies”.

This isn’t being helped by today’s media, even CNN has a special segment called “Selfies of the week” that garners more view than their own new segments.

We are not a generation of enlighten people, we have fallen very far behind. It really makes me angry,  technology should be used to become smarter, learn about the world, contribute to it.

That perhaps is what is drives me mad about the real digital age – it is not an age of learning anymore – everyone is just trying to find out what celebrities are doing and other useless things – no one is taking advantage of the technology available to learn, they are just using it to try and be famous.

I hate the real digital age.


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