Happy Chinese New year 2014!!!!

Copyright belong to Dannychoo.com. Artwork by Shirahane Nao.  I found it so beautiful! I couldn’t resist using it!

So here I am again! Another CNY to endure! Or do I? Even as I typed this, millions and millions of chinese all across the world has just made one of the biggest migration back to their hometowns to celebrate the biggest events in their lives this year.

As you all know , this year will be the year of the horse (so expect to be worked like one by your boss after the holidays).  So did I have to endured the treacherous trek back to my hometown?

Well that is a long story, you see for this year I didn’t go back!!! Amazing I know! But as some of you may know, a few days prior I had come down with a serious case of appendicitis and had required surgery. Only 2 days ago did I return home to recuperate but as a result, I wasn’t fit to fly! So I had to cancel my plane tickets (although my parents decide to fly over instead thus celebrate CNY here instead.)

With that! I get to celebrate CNY without having to endure screaming babies on planes, annoying old relatives and such. Although in return I had to endure surgery, but I think the price is worth the trouble.

So without much ado, Gong Xi Fa Chai!! May the year of the horse be a prosperous and healthy to you and your family!!!!!

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