Kodak ProImage 100

Taken using Nikon F6 with Kodak ProImage 100

At first glance, ProImage 100 film box wouldn’t garner much attention, its rather dull looking when compared with Kodak Gold’s design. So it was really surprising after developing a roll. This film is incredible – it has amazing color reproduction especially in studio conditions. Although there are some limitations.

some say its aged Kodak Gold 200/400 that has been repackaged as either a 100/160 ISO film or that its an older emulsion being sold on a limited basis. Whatever the case, I recently came across this film while I was shooting for the “Still life” exhibition when I found that Portra 160 and Ektar 100 not really usable for studio shooting of my PVC figures.

This film was recommended to by the Beng Beng Geng shop at publika after I found Portra 160 and Ektar 100 lacking in certain areas in terms of colors and consistency plus I found that because I was using studio lighting, it sometimes caused odd color casts.

Here is the studio light setup I used.

Tried to find more information about this film, but even Kodak’s website doesn’t list it at all which made me very suspicious. At first I thought it was one of those pirated films from China I have been hearing about where they use expired film and try to pass it off as fresh Kodak film. Though in the end I did managed to find some info about through a PDF here.

According to that file, it seems this film does indeed act like Kodak Gold in terms of printing characteristics. Though what is the difference? Well it doesn’t need to be stored refrigerated like other films and its okay to store it in hot and humid weather. Now that is definitely. Definitely have to try out this film more often.

Although its purpose is strictly for portraiture or skin tones, its mentioned somewhere that its not a viable landscape film and more suited to situations where green is not the main color but otherwise, it can handle a mybrid of colors.

To say I’m impressed is putting it lightly, the colors are always spot on after I started to use this film. Now I just have to focus on getting the exposure and composition correctly. So less thing to worry about.

Meanwhile, the details on this figure it absolutely gorgeous! This is the limited edition Noel I bought when I was in Japan in 2012. It cost a pretty penny, looking from this, it was worth it!

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