2013: The year of great ups early and lots of downers near the end.

Well what did you expected from the title? So its once again time to say goodbye to another year, 2013. You started off really well but like a delicious burger, you gradually turned into a moldy pile of crap if not finished quickly (I couldn’t think of a better analogy). This year was a pretty slow year with only a few major important things happening, but great things nonetheless. So let’s have a recap!!!

January to April :

In the first quarter, right off the bat from 2012, I was still in Japan from Operation Yuki . Enjoying the first day and doing a model shoot ^_^, but like all things, it was time to return to Malaysia (bummer~~~). Like every year, I then had to return to Labuan once again for Chinese new year (oh joy! Next for more fun, I’ll go for a root canal). Followed by a very boring Valentine’s day and nothing much until April where, BEHOLD! After many months in the works!!!!! MY first SOLO exhibition at the print room!!!! With a thorough entry about it here!

Sadly, the day after that I had to fly off to Kenya for what was supposedly the golive for the system, but as you know the PM (Project manager) AKA Dr.Doom decided to abandoned us to a horrible fate. Though that didn’t stop us from having some fun before the work piled up on us as we took another safari to Nakuru!!!

This was promptly followed by 4 months spent fixing the problems left behind by the good Dr.Doom plus other bullshit from work. Too much to talk about so I’ll leave those details out as it would take a few pages to list out.

August to December:

Between April to August, will have to be considered the lost months as I spent it mostly in between Kenya and Malaysia to fix up the crap that the PM didn’t follow up on until we only managed to finally golive in August.

With that we returned to Malaysia, and the first thing I did was take a week off (they were reluctant because they had another 12 more projects lined up @_@). To which I spent it in Malaysia to attend the first ever Culture Japan even in Penang!!!

Next after that, the minute I came back, the shoved me into another project involving a Vietnam client again, the same one from last year that handed my ass to me @_@. I was chosen because they were desperate (management) and client was familiar with me. Personally I think it was a sick joke by management to get revenge at me after I told them off about the Kenya situation. Though I decided to take advantage of the situation by arranging a model shoot there and doing my first and only film review of the year using Kodak Portra 160 

In the end….

With that, ends the events of the year. Sadly while I had a smashing start to the year but it really ended on a whimpering note, sure I wish it had ended with a smash explosion like 2012 (pity the world didn’t end then). I guess you win some and you lose some.

So here’s saying good bye to 2013, you were fun but it times to move onto the next 2014!! Happy new year everyone!!!!!

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