A weekend in Kenya again.

Hi everyone, I know I haven’t been blogging lately but I only recently found some time to finally do an entry about the April trip to Kenya. I still have heaps of backlog to work on, I’m trying to clear through the as fast as I can.

As I was in Kenya for 5 weeks instead of 3, it would be natural that I would again take this chance to visit some place especially the hectic week when we got there. Although it was a only a weekend but at least it was a fun one.

13th April 2013 

For today we only went around Nairobi for a nice walkabout with Stella and Dylan since Dylan was only here for a week for his part in the golive and would be actually going back later that day so we paid a visit around town and did some light shopping.

Word to the wise, while there was shots of me with Stella and Dylan but they were out of focus as they were not familiar with how my D600 worked. So next time, just set autofocus to center and with the shutter button.

After that we then returned to the hotel and asked the counter if there was any other interesting place that we could visit in a short time before the taxi came to take Dylan to the airport. One place recommended to us was the Nairobi National Museum and they even pointed a short cut to us.

Although it was deemed a shortcut, but it turned out to be a much longer path as we have to take a few detours since there was constructions going on. In the end, on our way back, going via the proper route was actually faster. No doubt the shortcut would have been faster but it wasn’t really worth the effort to us.

The queue of school children waiting to get into the museum.

The entry fees were a little steep especially if you’re a foreigner (about 1,800 shilings), but I must admit the number of exhibits were mind boggling and definitely worth the money! There so much to see, I only have one complaint, lighting there is pretty poor and at times I had to push iso up to 12,800 just to get any usable short at all.

There were many sections for arts, history, culture and even anthropology of all the types of animals that can be found throughout Africa.

I remember when we entered the bird section hearing the sweetest song being sung by a teacher to her students as they looked on. Although Stella here seemed to attract most of the students attention than the stuffed birds did. I guess they have seen many Asian men but few Asian women.

When it came to taking pictures with children, Stella was a natural at how she got their attention for a group photo. Note, while it looks bright here, but the area infact was almost pitch black and only after pushing ISO up to 12,800 did I get any usable shots.

As I said, the museum was very big and there was lots to see.

But it was soon time to leave so we could make it back before Dylan’s taxi arrived. We stopped by the souvenir shop before leaving and got ourselves a small zoo of animals.

Bonus shot, “all heart”

So then we made our way back to the hotel which was only a short 10 minutes walk and saw Dylan off. That night Stella managed to get us a good deal for a day trip to Nakuru for USD200. So tomorrow we were going to Nakuru.

14th April 2013 

You would think that after yesterday I would have elected to instead stay and sleep, well you’re wrong, as Stella helped planned another trip this time to Nakuru although this would only be a day trip instead since time was not a privilege we had plenty. The driver came to pick us up at 7am. After paying USD200 per head we were on our way. This time our driver was Mwongi.

To get to Nakuru we once again had through travel to Rift valley once more and like before our time during the Massai Mara safari, we had a stopover.

We had been to the rift valley before so most of the awe was not there anymore.

Photo by Stella

We continued on our way through the many winding roads and small shanty towns that littered throughout our journey. I found it very boring since there was no interesting sites to see unlike our previous trip yo Massai Mara.  One thing that tires me greatly is when were we stopped for gas and stepped out to stretched our legs, we were soon approached by people wanting us to buy souvenir and etc, even after saying no, still they kept pestering us.

It was 10am by the time we reached Nakuru and another 30 minutes before we got to lake Nakuru after our driver had registered us and paid for the entrance fees.

We soon arrived at lake Nakuru

FYI, it was here that the movie “Out of Africa” was filmed.

It wasn’t long before we saw our first glimpse of flamingos.

Even though I was using my 70-300mm lens, but I couldn’t get a closer shot of the birds as they were aware of our presence from far away and any attempts to get closer made the birds moved away.

Meanwhile some China tourist were actually using the ipads to take photos, they were also as loud as hell, I bet they could have been heard as far as Massai Mara. causing the birds to move away further. I had to get ahead of those guys in order to get a good shot. It didn’t helped that I stood out like a sore thumb.

FYI for those wondering, all the wide angle shots were taken using Stella’s camera while the close up ones were taken using my D600.

Taken with D600 DX mode with 70-300mm lens…

Soon it was time to move on as we had seen enough of Flamingoes.

Came across some children who waved to us as usual. Most people here are very friendly.



Soon we came across one of the animals I’ve always wanted to see, RHINOS!!! Except we couldn’t get close out of fear of big attacked by one and even seeing from this far, we would very well see that even in our van, they still would be a very dangerous animal to be attacked by.

These are the only 2 good shots of the Rhino as it decided to turn around and all we got was then just ass shots.

Soon it was time for lunch.

We had lunch here. Our fees was inclusive of lunch.

After lunch it was time to head back as it would be another 3 hours drive back to Nairobi. By the time we got back, we were so tired that we even skipped dinner and slept until the next day.

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