Kodak Portra 160 review

160FamilyDecided to start things off with my review for Kodak Portra 160. Similar to Kodak Portra 400 but tuned for portraiture shooting rather than general purpose, this film captures incredible skin tone.

I’ve been using this film for many shoots since earlier this year just to see what it can really do. So far this film doesn’t disappoint but your experience might vary depending on environment conditions. Its not something you can pick up and expect great shots right off the bat especially when you’re not familiar shooting with color negatives. Color negatives offers the wides latitude for incorrect exposures, but what it really means you have more room to maneuver when you have made an exposure mistake unlike slides.

Portra 160 does indeed have an incredible latitude to work with plus according to Kodak, its best used for digital scanning. Although that seems a rather weird statement since all labs these days scan the negatives before printing since its too much hassle to print it using analog methods, but anything that means better images quality when scanned is a plus.

Recently used it for a model shooting I did in Vietnam and while it was only a short shoot as the weather played havoc with us, but I managed to score some good shots.

Nikon F6, Zeiss 85mm, Portra 160, Model:Sapi

The white border was added in using Photoshop





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