Just a short update

I have finally arrived in Nairobi, Kenya and while would like to say the trip was pleasant like before but it wasn't this time as the flight from KL to Dubai was delayed for over 30 minutes and to make matters worse, we landed late at Dubai because of poor weather condition (haze). Making it impossible to get to our connecting flight.

So emirates arranged for us to be on the next flight tomorrow to Nairobi instead and booked us into a nice apartment hotel for the night inclusive of dinner and breakfast. Though this means we are now one or two days behind our planned go live schedule but those are the breaks, we will have to make it up by working this weekend or even extend our stay here as the client has yet to carry out the UAT.

As usual, the Nairobi safari club rooms was utter shit as

  1. The phones weren't working.
  2. Not all the power points and lights were working at all.

But even after we changed room, the door didn't locked properly and aircond again is not working, but luckily the weather is very cooling so no lost there.

Managed to get Internet up and running and oddly, it seems to be faster than the last time I was here. Although the smell hasn't changed either.

One thought on “Just a short update

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