A night of many first times.

But I guess there are always a first for everything, even for me. So what has happened?

Well for starters, I have for the first time forgotten to actually make a post about me going this Kenya again this Sunday morning for another onsite assignment.

Secondly, my exhibition took place on Saturday night! It was a very tiring night, my brother and his wife came along with my sister as well, all of my friends at the print room were there of course. Even the head of the Japanese consulate was there with his wife! They were the first people to arrive and I had the honor of walking them through my exhibition. They simply loved it and even bought a copy of my book but a last, an urgent matter came up and he had to leave early before he gave his opening speech leaving it once again to Lilian to later on do that.

It's rather amazing that no matter how prepared you are, all your plans will one way or another have a habit of coming undone literally as Lilian drew the crowds' attention to introduce my work and I, meanwhile I was mentally going over the many prepared speeches I had prepared but 2 things I had not counted on was one, Lilian was using some of the material I was already preparing to say and second, my brain decided to flush all those prepared speeches down the proverbial mental toilet.

I was in panic mode.

I decided to fallback to one of my old tricks I had learned, “Wing it”. The gods must have been there that night ( I'm hoping it was Athena, goddess of heroic, but I'm not picky ) because I managed to pull it off nicely, so that's another first.

Journalist from the star newspaper were also there as I was interviewed for the first time! It was a bit scary even after speaking to Mr Sato but then the journalist was very good at asking the right questions that didn't have me panicking for answers.

Another first was that some of my coworkers actually came to my exhibition which delighted me very much. This was followed by many people who are very well known photographers in Malaysia as they shared their love for the seasons as well and how the exhibitions inspired to push on with their own projects and have their own solo exhibitions as well.

Aside from Mr Sato, was also the high commissioner of the Australian embassy who has always shown up at almost every exhibitions the print room has ever had and is a good friend of Paul as well.

I wish I could show you some of the great moments, but I wasn't the event photographer this time, for that was Razlan this time. It felt rather odd having someone following me and taking photos of key moments. I began to understand how I should the subject next time without attracting so much attention. I will have to wait till they are up on Facebook later.

When it was to closing time, Paul told me that my exhibition had sold some pieces already! I was ecstatic because i had never imagined that it would have happened on opening night! Along with a good number of my books and the postcard sets. For this, I am incredibly indebted to those who helped me make this dream come true and then we all went out for drinks not that we didn't already have enough to drink at the print room that night mind you.



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