Happy Chinese New Year 2013!!!!!

20130209-211539.jpg HI everyone! I hope everyone is having a great time! Because I sure as hell am not!

Why? Because as I type this, I was made to make the arduous journey home to the town of silent hi….I mean Labuan in East Malaysia once more and like every year, I had to literally put up with another screaming baby!

Dear heavens! Why can’t the parents have feed their kids before boarding the plane? I highly suspect it was because they were lazy or it slipped their mind. Thank god I bought that awesome noise canceling headset by bose since my return trip from Kenya last year. It’s worth every pretty coin I spent on it, especially the long flights.

I was planning on making a forecast of fortune base on the zodiac again but it seems all of the were too similar and boring to be any significant value to anyone. So instead, let’s just enjoy the new year of the SNAKEEE (As indie would say, I HATE SNAKES! So do I !!!!!!!!!)

5 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year 2013!!!!!

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