2012: The year in review……and we’re all still here alive.

I’m sorry for the late posting but I had only gotten back to Tokyo at 11am this morning and was bushed since I didn’t sleep the night before (more about that in my next blog entry). As mentioned before, I am shooting primarily film this time hence the lack of the updates from Japan so updates are fourth coming.

But before then

Happy New year 2013! We never thought you would get here (seriously, we didn’t think we make it pass 2012)

Another year has come and passed as this blog enters it’s fifth year?! @_@ has it been that long? Well I hope to continue doing this for another 5 more years! But let’s get to the usual routine.

2012 in review :

January ~ April :

I went to Sri Lanka for my first onsite assignment! It was a great learning experience. This was followed by a vacation to Bangkok for the Bangkok Motorshow but not before it was time to replace my poor old Canonscan 8800F I had brought back in 2007 with a new Epson V700 in this article .

But not all was cherry and sunshine, after coming back from Sri Lanka, there was a major restructuring at my company that saw at least a quater of the workforce getting laid off (I didn’t get my head axed off this time thankfully).

Didn’t do any figure review here >_< was too busy with work and design for my book was ongoing at the time. I remember the project had actually started in December 2011 but only started to pick up steam in April of 2012.

Speaking of Projects, the Sri Lanka assignment managed to go live a month after it was implemented in April and I was already in the works on Operation Yuki after my friend called up and asked if I wanted to go to comiket 83 in December, so right after I came back from Sri Lanka, I put in for my leave.

May ~ August :

During my assignment in Sri Lanka, I got orders that I would be needed on another project in Prague so off I went but all was not without any complications as I later discovered that a certain Rat had stowaway on this journey. In fact, even after returning because of that rodent, problems would plagued me until December. Although after that week in Prague, I was immediately pulled of the project for another project in Kenya.

Next it was just more time spent on my book along with work at The Print Room which started in May but took us months of work to get the material we needed for that exhibition. I managed to sell only 2 works of mine. I needed to improve my skills.

I managed to score some free tickets this year to Super GT thanks to Fuminari but sadly, there was only 2 of us from the Rojak Studio guys and I have to now accept the fact that there will be no more annual visiting this event has it has gotten so ridiculously censored and the quality of the racequeens are subpar

I then made another film reviews on Neopan here , Kodak Tri-x 400 , Ilford XP2 and Kodak Portra 400. I was still perfecting the Epson V700 workflow but it still wasn’t there yet.

By August I flew off to my 3rd onsite assignment of the year to Kenya for 5 weeks >_< (The work nearly killed me). Where I went on a Safari to the Massai Mara.

This was one of my hectic months and sadly like work on my book was approaching the final phases but because of the Kenya, everything had to be put on hold.

September ~ December :

By now until the end of September, I was pretty much still stuck in Kenya and Internet speed was total bollocks so I didn’t make any progress at all.

I did do a film review of Fujifilm Pro400H 

This type I was off to Vietnam and sadly like the Vietnam war, I had my ass handed to me like the Americans did then. The problem was that another third party’s vendor machine wasn’t updated but client still held us accountable for not being perfect. It was a pretty rotten time as the lousy refused to listen to reason until I had to threaten them but still that SOB wouldn’t listen. In the end the top brass had to be called in and even then they had a hard time dealing with them.

November and the first part of December was total hell as I was given 2 shit 1-week assignments back to back that were incredibly and utterly grossly underestimated in their time line. The reason why it happened? It was planned by managers who had no idea of the project they were assigned to managed and made their estimation using Indian voodoo magic and some Bollywood dancing.

I literally went berserk on the company people who fucking gave me these hopeless objectives. On top of that, I had to work on getting my book printed AND getting it shipped over from Korea! After one whole year! I finally got my first book printed! But I didn’t have much time to market it as it was time for Operation Yuki and head off to Tokyo

Summary :

This had been a rough year with so much work that it affected my own personal projects. I really hope 2013 won’t be as terrible as 2012 because my other projects really need my attention and I can’t have these projects disrupted as much.

I hope the year has been kind to all of you. So here hoping that 2013 will be better to all of us! The year of the Snake! (after Chinese new year of course!)


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