Yeah! There in Tokyo now!

Hi everyone! I’m finally here again!

How was the flight ?

This time instead of Mas airlines, I was flying AirAsia X. I had booked the tickets back in May right after finishing my assignment in Sri Lanka.

Though I decided to try for OptionTown in which they booked the premium tickets for you if they didn’t sell for a discount of 75%. The service is pretty good but you have to booked early and had to pay upfront using your credit car first.

Meanwhile the Premium seats was nothing like Business class in Mas or Emirates, it was still a pretty good step up from AirAsia’s economy class.

Though it felt pretty dull and boring, the flatbed seats felt ergonomically lousy (if Steve Job was asked to give an opinion, he would have instead taken a flame thrower to them though for Emirates, he would have instead recommend that you fire your engineers and let him correct the design defects).

It wasn’t really something I could fall asleep in, maybe a few hours but nothing that would allow allow my mind to fall into deep sleep unless I was dead tired.

But the plus point, it landed ahead of schedule at 10:30pm. The bad point? So did every other airline landing that night at Hanede.

Mad rush 

I wonder why Airasia couldn’t have try to get an earlier timeslot with Haneda. It would really help as the trains would stop at 1am so you only had less than 1 hours to clear immigration. This was compounded by the fact that some people didn’t even know what hotel they were going to stay in (at least know the name and phone number like I did!!!). Delaying the whole immigration clearing process.

Next was baggage claim, I was lucky because the first back to pop out after clearing immigration was mine.

Currency exchange, again I was lucky because they had forms that quickly allowed you to indicate what you wanted to exchange with while waiting in line (unless you did it before hand unlike me who had to change from USD to Yen).

Then I had to quickly remember what train lead to where at what time and on what platform. Even though I printed the train schedule using Hyperdia

After stepping onto the train platform I felt a wonderful of nostalgia, the ordered way in which everything was designed, the smell of the cool air as it mixed with the warm conditioned air in building, the sounds and generally the ambiant feel of Tokyo. It made me feel great to be back here again.

But in Tokyo, since all the trains would stop at 1am, everyone was who had been working late would was rushing for the last train else they would have to either take a taxi (BAD idea!) or stay at a capsule hotel.

Hotel Snafu 

Right after getting off the train stepping out of the JR Joban train station at Minami-senju, I felt so excited and happy to be here again. I could smell hot food from the nearby lawson just as I remembered it, I even remembered the route without having to refer to my printed map (hahah, was pretty paranoid about getting lost especially at night).

But when I got to Aizuya Inn and after some knocking, I was told by the reception that they though I was only coming on after 10am and had no single room for me!! I showed them the email of my booking, they realized the mistake and quickly offered to let me stay at one of their double rooms instead in the building across the street.

Checking up on status 

After checking into my room, I quickly set up my skype. Looks like CrossChannel had been getting worried as he had gotten to his hotel relatively easy except the train part without incident.

Then we talked about what had happened but we decided to set up another meeting later at 9am to discuss our plans as we were bushed.

Overall, the experience could have been better without all the rushing and snafus but it was still great! Will post more details tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Yeah! There in Tokyo now!

  1. wow…awesome ure bck in tokyo again…looking fwd to some pics.i just got bck from a week film-shoot there….ill b there for 3 monthes nxt yr in aug so if ure planning a trip look me up -_-b

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