And now, for an important announcement.

Hi Everyone,

As you may know, the last entry I made was back in October and I apologize for the lack of updates since. But here is what happen, the Vietnam assignment was really tough. There were problems from head to toe, systems failed, deadlines were looming. During that week there, I barely slept for more than 4 hours a day and when the system went live, all of us stayed up for more than 28 hours. It almost killed us but even then there were still problems but luckily those problems by now have been solved. I'll do another report about that sometime later but for now as mentioned I have an important announcement to make.

What had happened in Vietnam?
After coming back from Vietnam, the work started to piled up until any free time were spent on my personal projects instead and not on my blog.

The story so far
But finally I have managed to complete my first personal project with the publication of my first book! Titled “A story”!

This project was undertaken and published under “The Print Room“. I couldn't have done it without Paul Gadd's incredible help as well as the designer Kyoung Hee! Along with Shareem Amry as the editor! The book is now available at the print room ! And at Kinokuniya KLCC!

How did it all began?
The idea for a book started shortly I had returned from my month long trip to Japan (cheekily named Operation Chiaki). While looking through all my photos, I did toy with the idea of doing a photobook but my attempts at designing were all utter failure. No matter what I did, nothing worked! It was frustrating till I stopped.

Then, in November 2011, I joined the print room's film photography where I met Paul Gadd who's a great teacher by the way and had released his own book with many more to come inspired me to try again with my own book. Especially the fact that the print room had its own creative designer!

Soon we began work and it was a grueling! There were heaps of things to consider when you're planning to release your own book! When I have the time, I'll do an article about releasing your own book! But if you have an idea that you feel would make a good book, contact the print room. Their services are great! Oh yeah, BTW the book product photos were taken by Paul Gadd of the print room as well!

About the book.

Its basically about the locations I had visited just to capture autumn. Printed in Korea on Acid free paper. The work is great! Down to the binding!

Here are the details of the book, they even handled register ISBN!

“A story”
Photography by Alex Chan Khee Tiam
Book design by The Print Room
Printed in South Korea
Printed on acid-free paper
ISBN 978-89-964784-1-6(03660)

Pick up a copy today! You can buy one right now at the print room located at

49, Lorong 16/9E Petaling Jaya
Friday: 5pm – 9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 2pm – 6pm
Monday – Thursday & Public Holidays: By appointment


info@theprintroomkl.comprimary: +6012 337 2903t: +603 7931 2227


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