Fujifilm Pro400H

Finally had a chance to shoot some Fujifilm Pro400H after finding a few rolls at my usual hot spots. So far the film is rather impressive. Many have compared it to Kodak old Portra 400NC


All of these were shot with EV+ 0.3. Taken during my outing in Prague. I must admit, using my FM3A was a fun experience because I didn’t have to carry my usual bulky cameras and people didn’t find my camera intimidating allowing me to take some great shots.

3 thoughts on “Fujifilm Pro400H

  1. Wah, the film is still going strong. However, due to cost consideration, I find it hard to go film myself. As for the “iless ntimidating factor”, I am looking at Fuji x10. So, idea is that, since are always afraid of my 7D, why not get a retro looking x10. Do you think it will do the trick??

    • I think it depends on where, in Hong Kong, I’ve heard it’s pretty normal as well as Japan and even Korea but I’m not sure about Malaysia. Meanwhile in Africa, cameras are pretty dang rare there and most of the populace especially in the rural areas thinks it steals souls…..

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