Kenya story so far.

Hi everyone! I’m finally here in Kenya !

This time we opted to travel at 10am instead of 2am. We would arrived 7pm in Kenya but the transit time was significantly shorter (from 6 hours to 2 hours instead). Allowing for a less stressful flight.

Internet speed
While the hotel offers free internet but it can’t hold a candle to the speeds we have back home. To get an understanding of what I am using here, it sits between dialup and broadband. Uploading photos is either going to have to wait till I get back or I really leave my notebook running for the next 24 hours.

Not worth the money. Although it has been rated to be 5 stars (@_@) but I think it’s considered 5 stars when compared to other hotels in Kenya.

Feels more like a motel in Sabah than a 5 star hotel. I’ll blog more about that later once I get the photos uploaded.

So far, my perception of Kenya was pretty wrong for now. I haven’t really gone out except to the client’s site to work and then back to the Hotel for the past 4 days.

Hopefully with the weekend now here I can do some sight seeing.

Work so far
It’s always good to have a great project manager and an even greater project leader especially when you’re on site because they can really save your bacon even when they are not physically there. Though the client are very friendly but they’ve dropped a number of got’chas already regarding the work requirement and setup. I wish they had made their plans known to management before we came because then we could have been better prepared.

Still again, they are very friendly and try to get us all the resources we need to carry out the system implementations. At least we managed to setup the database especially with all the problems we faced for the server setup.

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