Ilford XP2

Previously, I had trouble looking for someone to help me developed B&W film so as a result, I looked to using C41 B&W and one of the first ones I tried was Ilford Super XP2 400.

Results were a bit mixed but that was before  I signed up for the print room‘s basic B&W course. Every since I have been shooting with regular B&W instead of the C41 stuff.

Still I’m posting my initial results here, I strongly recommend this film to anyone not comfortable developing their own B&W film because most shops accept C41 film and this is the perfect solution for them. But if you still insist on using true B&W film, you can always send it to the printroom KL for developed at RM13 per roll if you’re in West Malaysia. 😉

These were all taken during and outing at one of the many night eateries near Kelana Jaya. 


I think this was taken at 1 Utama

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