To Kenya I go~~

By now if you're a regular visiting to my blog, whenever I post something like this it usually means I'm already off. This time I am off to more than one month business trip to Kenya. Please excuses the poor photo since by this time all my DSLR/SLR were already packed away.

Specifically Nairobi Kenya, largest city in Kenya. The assignment has already been delayed for over a month due to logistical problems. To tell you the truth, the hotel arrangements aren't even confirmed yet as of last Friday so we're flying off to Kenya with the hope that something will be ready by touchdown in Kenya.

Gear lowdown:

  1. Nikkor AF-S 17-35mm f/2.8.
  2. Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8.
  3. Nikkor AF-S 70-300mm (would prefer to bring either the 85mm or SP90 instead but something tells me I will be needing the longest lens I have).
  4. Nikon D700 (the standard). (with Charger)
  5. Nikon F6. (With lots of battery)
  6. Film lineup (total 30 rolls). (I calculated I would only be able to shoot 20 rolls at the most base on my time schedule but better to bring more just in case)

    1. 5 x Kodak Portra 400
    2. 5 x Fujifilm Por400H
    3. 4 x Fujifilm Velvia 100
    4. 2 x Fujifilm Trebi100
    5. 4 x Fujifilm Across 100
    6. 5 x Ilford Pan 400 with 1 x Ilford HP5+ (was planning on bringing 4 x Ilford HP5+ instead but a friend needed it so I sold it to her and padded it with PAN 400 bought in Prague)
    7. 4 x Fujifilm Neopan 400


  7. A 550ml bobble.
  8. Swiss army knife.
  9. Flashlight and battery.
  10. Macbook.
  11. Clothes, Medication and etc.

Of course I do realized this is a work assignments but the weekends are MINE! And I plan to use them fully! My colleague who is also going along hence the “we” used previously has plans to go on a Safari and I've been roped into it as well (of course I want to go as well!). Though for that segment I am using my D700 definitely unless of course I'm very daring and use film but will see.

But let's worry about that later, I'm hoping to score some great shots while I'm there. So seeya in October!


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